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Auto-skin pricing in PUBG, how to get it

Auto Skin Prices in Pubg – PUBG has released a new auto skin that everyone is talking about now, namely the McLaren auto skin.

This PUBG McLaren supercar skin is the result of a collaboration between PUBG x McLaren

Since the McLaren skin appeared in PUBG, many gamers have been curious about the price of this car skin.

Auto Skin Price in Pubg
PUBG McLaren Auto Skin Award

Because this PUBG McLaren car skin is said to be one of the most expensive skins in PUBG.

How to Get McLaren PUBG Auto Skin

To get the latest McLaren car skin in PUBG, you need to go gacha at the McLaren Drift event.

To get a McLaren, you must first collect tokens from the gacha at the McLaren Drift event.

The more gacha you make, the higher the price for each gacha.

So it’s not surprising that many PUBG players are spending tens to hundreds of thousands of UC on McLaren cars.

How much does the McLaren PUBG auto skin cost?

This McLaren PUBG skin is classified as a Mythic skin, so don’t be surprised if the price can be exorbitant.

The PUBG game equips the McLaren 570S Skin with six different color variants. You can choose a McLaren skin of the color you like best.

The price of this McLaren PUBG auto skin will vary based on the amount of gacha you are using.

There is a YouTuber who managed to get a McLaren for only 4,000 UC, which is roughly Rp 800,000.

Quite a few YouTubers who can’t get a McLaren until after spending tens of thousands on UC.

There are PUBG YouTubers willing to spend Rp. 5,300,000 to Rp. 22,000,000 just to get a McLaren auto skin

Auto Skin prices in PUBG

The price of other car skins in PUBG is not as high as this McLaren car skin. Now the McLaren PUBG skin has managed to hold the title of the most expensive car skin in PUBG.

If you want that McLaren car skin, just prepare as much UC as you can.

If you have limited UC, you can purchase other auto skins from PUBG. Because it would be a shame if you ran out of UC and you haven’t gotten that McLaren x PUBG supercar skin yet.

That’s all for the discussion of auto-skins in PUBG. Hopefully what we’ve said can answer your questions about the minimum price for the McLaren PUBG skin and the maximum price for the McLaren PUBG skin.

Good luck!

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