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Applications Unlock all the latest Mobile Legends skins | Games – Since its release in 2021, the Mobile Legends game has exploded and so far it has garnered a lot of players. Especially in Indonesia, this MOBA game by Moonton was ranked # 1 in the Play Store and App Store in the category of best free games.

The main reason players fall in love with this MOBA game is because the gameplay it offers is very easy to understand even for kids. In addition, there are also many heroes that can be purchased and used so that players will not get bored of playing all the time.

And there are also different skins to choose from to make the hero look even wilder. But unfortunately, most existing skins have to be purchased with Diamond (in-game currency), which can only be obtained with enough cash to make your pocket or wallet scream.

Well, but for those of you who want cool skins but can’t or don’t want to buy diamonds then you can use an application called IMLS Super Legends APK (a dedicated Android application) as a solution to opening and trying out your favorite hero skin . Wiih .. fun right ?.

What is IMLS Super Legends APK?

Applications Unlock all the latest Mobile Legends skins

IMLS Super Legends is an Android application that is talked about on social media, especially Mobile Legends gamer groups, as this application can open all kinds of hero skins in Mobile Legends game by applying a script written by the application maker so changed so that the locked skin can be unlocked without having to buy it with diamonds first.

The skins that this application will open are all kinds of skins, from elite, epic, star, specialty skins to legend skins which are super expensive. You can try and show it to your playmates. Either way, you’ll be auto-sultan on social media by showing screenshots of the skin you are using.

How to use it

Using the IMLS Super Legends application is very simple, you just click on “Play” in the application, the Mobile Legends game will open automatically. The first time you install it, you will be prompted to create a guest account on Mobile Legends to make it more secure, but you can change it to the master account if you need to. Every time you want to try a skin you have to open your Mobile Legends game through this application and if not, no skin is open.

Is it really visible while playing?


The answer is yes! The skin you choose will actually be visible in the game. But there are buts, all skins that are unlocked can only be seen by you. So your teammates will not see the skin changes you have made, only the basic appearance of the hero will be shown to other players in the game.

Does it work in all game modes?

The answer, no. All skins open thanks to the IMLS Super Legends application can only be used in classic or custom classic game modes, cannot be used in ranked or draft pick modes. So this app is in classic mode just for fun, showing it to your friends on social media.

What are the risks of using this application?

Being able to use all the skins you want is sure to be a lot of fun thanks to this IMLS Super Legends application, but you also need to be aware that there can be dangers at any time considering that this application will harm Mobile Legends can. Your account may suddenly be banned because Moonton has detected an illegal activity.

Installing third-party applications outside of the Play Store can also harm your mobile phone as the application manufacturer could inject a virus into the application.

Applications Unlock all the latest Mobile Legends skins

So, according to the administrator, the IMLS Super Legends application is an imaginary application for players who can’t afford Mobile Legends game diamonds or who don’t want to buy one, but who want to feel like a sultan. This application is just for fun and I recommend not using it for a long period of time, nor should you use the master account if you want to try it out.

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