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Analysis of Hero Brody Mobile Legends, new sniper with damage Imba

“I kept fighting. I keep looking for my memory. Why is my right hand like that? “

Moonton is back with a new hero on the original server Mobile legends, called Brody. This hero has a long, rather mysterious, story about the origin of his abilities, which mainly have to do with the devil from the abyss.

Brody is added to Mobile Legends’ list of heroes as a unique type of shooter. The attack speed tends to be low compared to other heroes, but he has much higher damage and mobility.

This hero will be available on October 16 at a price of 599 Diamonds or 32,000 Battle Points. Like other heroes, he is released with alternate skins that you can buy with diamonds.

For gameplay, this new sniper hero is very strong, but quite difficult to use due to his slow movement. The key to using Brody is Use his slow but painful basic attack. For those of you with the curiosity, let’s check out the analysis and tips on using Brody Mobile legends.


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Brody Mobile Legends skills

Abyss Corrosion (Passive)

Abyss Corrotion Brody Passive
Image source: Moonton

Brody has a slow spread time and attack speed, but each of his basic attacks deals excruciating damage (200% physical damage). In addition, the attack slows the enemy down and gives the enemy an effect of 1 stack of Abyss Mark (max 4 stacks) Any enemy affected by this marker effect takes additional damage and increases Brody’s critical damage bonus.

Although Brody’s speed stats are pretty low, you can increase them every time you deal critical damage to the enemy. So make sure you hit a stack with his first ability, Abyss Impact, then use a basic attack to increase his critical chance.

Abyssal Impact (Skill 1)

Skill 1 Brody Abyssal Impact
Image source: Moonton

Abyss Impact is Brody’s first AoE skill. Brody will launch a shock wave attack in the intended direction (straight line) on multiple targets. Enemies hit by this attack take damage and the Abyssal Mark.

If multiple enemies are hit at the same time, each enemy hit deals 33% additional damage and slows them down. The damage limit is 200% and 4 stacks, so basically hits 4 enemies at the same time.

You can start a battle with Abyss Impact to get an Abyss Mark quickly. This way you can get bonuses from passives.

Caustic Strike (Skill 2)

Craft 2 corrosive blow brody
Image source: Moonton

Brody’s second active skill is the mobility skill. Corrosive Strike causes Brody to quickly run towards the enemy, then stun them and deal 1 stack of Abyss Tokens. If it hits the enemy, he can use this skill again to move.

One of the tips for using Brody is to use Corrosive Strike followed by Abyss Impact to get two Abyss Marks at once. Of course, this technique can also offer additional bonuses from the passive voice.

But it is important to remember: make sure you can fight this opponent 1v1 before attacking them using this technique. If you are not careful you can easily die.

Shattered Memory (Ultimate)

ultimate brody torn memory
Image source: Moonton

Brody’s third, or ultimate, ability is Shattered Memory, where he automatically keeps an eye on all enemies at a certain distance and instantly deals physical damage to them.

If the target has the Abyss Mark, all of these marks deal additional damage (depending on the opponent’s reduced HP and the height of their stack).

This ultimate is highly dependent on the amount of HP that is reduced on the opponent. Therefore, to maximize the damage, you can use: S2 – S1 – Basic Attack (x3) – S3. This is the most ideal combination. However, you can also use S1 – S3.


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Tips for Hero Brody MLBB

Brody, like other archer heroes, can easily take down 1v1 enemies, but can also easily die if you’re not careful. So make sure to look for lonely enemies and then take them down.

It is best to always start the battle with Abyss Impact and always prioritize the Abyss Mark stack for bonuses. For 1-on-1 combat, you can also use the stun effect of Caustic Strike. This S2 can also be used to get closer to the enemy before using the Ultimate.

To maximize Brody, focus on increasing the damage with items like Lifesteal and Critical Hit items. With it, Brody will cause painful damage and defend longer.

What do you think of the new hero Mobile legends these? Will Brody be attending the MLBB META?

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