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Alter Ego Champion Mobile Legends Pro League Invitational (MPLI)

Alter Ego won the Mobile Legends Pro League Invitational. The Indonesian representation showed good performance and became the only team that has never been defeated by another team. In the game on Sunday (December 6th, 2021) Alter Ego managed to defeat 2 teams at the same time, namely Geek fam ID and Bren Esports. Both were defeated by Alter Ego with a landslide score of 2-0 and 3-0.

In the semifinals against Geek Fam, Alter Ego almost lost in game two after Frzz, one of the Geek Fam squads who put the Kagura hero into action, managed to break through Alter Ego’s defenses. Alter Ego, however, managed to anticipate and seize the triumphant advance. Even Geek Fam has to lose the upcoming victory due to strength Udil and friends.

As he made it to the finals, Alter Ego managed to maintain the consistency of the game. Bren Esports is already waiting to overcome the fierce resistance of the Burmese ghouls in the semi-finals.

Since the beginning of the first game, Alter Ego has been very confident with his line-up, namely Brodi, Lunox, Harith, Lapu-Lapu and Silvanna. in the early game Celiboy Whoever used Brodi managed to “harvest” kills and collect 12 kills. That makes hyper wear by Bren esports that is KarlTzy if you use Benedetta, you don’t get a game until you die 6 times in the first game.

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At the beginning of the second game, the alter ego is more courageous to attack. PAI, who played Khaleed, got the first blood on KarlTzy again. After getting the first turtle, Alter Ego bravely opened a war with a jaw ejector who successfully met Pheew, who played for a change. Not wanting to remain silent, Bren Esports launched an attack in the 6th minute that almost killed PAI. But with a quick backup, Alter Ego managed to counter and win in game two.

Proceed to the third game which will determine who will be the champion of MPLI. Even though they have won 2 times in a row, Alter Ego is still not satisfied. Instead of relaxing their attacks, they dominate with a comprehensive attack strategy. The first lord was captured. Udil once again became the mastermind behind the attack that overwhelmed the Bren Esports team. The maestro repeatedly blocked Bren Esports’ move by deploying Pharsa’s Airstrike Feeder. The third game quickly ended in less than 15 minutes and MPLI’s Indonesian rep, Alter Ego, won 3-0 without replying to Bren Esports.

Alter Ego got into victory late. Congratulations to Udil et al. to win the MPLI 2021 #indopride!

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