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Already know? This is the life story of Hero Bruno in Mobile Legends 2021 | Games – Bruno is a Mobile Legends hero who is of course identical to soccer players when you see how TeknoGeng’s friends are identical to this Bruno hero’s abilities.

As we all know, every hero in Mobile Legends game has a really moving, terrifying, and even story that may not be forgotten for the hero.

Well! In this article in particular, mimin will again go into the hero Bruno. But we are going to dig deeper into the story of the legendary Mobile Legends hero, this soccer player.

1. As a poor child in the country

Hero Bruno becomes in his story a rather unhappy hero who, more than his peers, is born into rural poverty.

2. Unforgettable tragic accident

In the second point, Bruno is told that he was experiencing a tragedy, namely a tragic accident that led to the loss of both of his legs. The incident started when Bruno saved his friend. So this is one of the most devastating events for Bruno, who goes through life with the loss of both legs.

3. Load Magic Feet

This incident did not discourage Bruno, with the presence of Sainsma Eruiditio to hear the story of Bruno’s tragedy. Do Learned science hurried to make a high-tech Magic Leg (Mechanical Leg). So that makes Bruno normal again to have both legs.

4. Harley is his loyal friend

When he met Harley, Bruno became one of the heroes in his story, nicknamed The Protector of Eruiditio, meaning that it was one of Bruno’s promises to Sainsma Eruiditio that made both the organic leg and the spherical weapon.

The story he lived through became Harley one of Bruno’s hero friends who helped eradicate existing evil. When he joined Harley, Bruno first joined the adventure in the Land of Dawn Mobile Legends.

Bruno – Moonton

Well! This is the story of Life of Hero Bruno Games Mobile Legends, how do you understand?

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