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According to the latest patch, this MLBB hero is becoming a favorite

MLBB heroes the favorite shifts again after its arrival stains the latest was released a few days ago. Recently hero Favorite shift due to change season and have to move again because of an update Stains. This is certainly a change that makes some player Prestige down and a few others overwhelmed. Good luck guys player who use often Hero hero Favorite this new season.

Before we discuss hero which is a favorite will first mention some of the heroes who abdicated. From the tank realm there is Uranus, which is rarely used due to updates stains that makes up for the game. Then from Harm heroes, there were Helcurt, Clint and Cyclops who also lost their throne Land of the Dawn. They have nerf and will hero Toothless, which is fatal if used in a match.



hero who wins the throne by renewal Stains, starting with Silvana getting stronger. The recently released fighter gets polishing which is very significant and makes his attack full Damage. Spear rotation ability that lets you hit the enemy numb and damage do it yourself hero current favorite. In addition, Silvana also has defense very strong as a tank when equipped Robbery of life.

Then there is Granger who is different from other Marksman in terms of damage and skill effects. damage spawned by Granger from his ultimate ability is difficult to accept as the victim’s HP drains instantly. Granger has damage similar hero Assassin, especially when he’s using it emblem Assassin. In fact, Granger doesn’t have to bother killing hero Tanks as hard as Johnson or Khufra.



Then there was Harith, who came back to being hero most influential in Land of the Dawn after a few weeks break. hero this is very phenomenal indeed, because Moonton loves him very much and rarely gives nerf. If not specified polishing Harith was certainly in a neutral state of neutrality and still scary like hero Magician. numb, slowly, and damage are three things that are identical to Harith and feared by his opponents.

Gusion is also still on the throne as overwhelmed heroes and the most terrifying assassin for Mobile Legends players. This cutler can move quickly and summon his magical pet knife to attack enemies. Gusion did a little polishing on stains at the latest and make its strength even higher than yesterday. Unfortunately seldom player who could bring Gusion to fruition because hero this is a subscription Tires.

Gusion tournament


Then Franco, who had been missing for a while, finally showed up and immediately became a favorite. It turns out that this fat old tank has rabid fans who always look forward to its presence after it’s removed from Moonton. When he returned, Franco became a favorite out of longing player Mobile Legends will have unique skills and a fun look. In addition to an impressive defense, Franco also has damage hard line through the slap stance on the ultimate skill.

The most popular MLBB heroes who have shifted again this time around are Gusion, Silvana, Granger, Franco and Harith. lucky you player who had studied Hero hero and already master it in competition. If you’ve never used it before, of course player has to learn it first in order to master one skill at a time. So, are you gamer friends? player Mobile legends that have mastered it Hero hero the favourite?

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