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9 Synergy Magic Chess Mobile Legends: Role [UPDATE]

Synergy is a very important factor for those of you who want to win games in the game of Magic Chess. Synergy is divided into two types, role and faction, both of which belong to each hero. So you should already understand what Magic Chess Synergy is.

Ok, here we are going to discuss the various synergies that exist in the Magic Chess Mobile Legends game folks. So that you can combine them even better later. Let’s just take a look at the latest Synergy Magic Chess review below.

Types of Magic Chess role synergy

There are 9 synergy roles in Magic Chess Mobile Legends. The roles in ranked mode and in Magic Chess are of course very different folks, even if there are some of the same.

1st weapon master (WM)

Synergy Weapon Master is often referred to as a role fighter who can fight at close range. When this synergy is active, all heroes on the chessboard will regenerate 25 to 65% of the damage dealt HP. The greater the damage done, the greater the HP regeneration.

To activate this synergy, you need 3 World Cup heroes. So that all heroes will receive 25% Recovery HP later on. If you want to get 65% HP recovery, you need 6 World Cup heroes.

List of heroes: Khalid, Zilong, Alucard, Franco, Freya, Argus, Thamuz, Martis.

2nd goal

Synergy Targeman is also often referred to as roller armor as it is known for its high level of defense. When you activate this synergy, all heroes in the 8-grid checkerboard will receive 10-16% shield based on maximum HP.

To activate this synergy you need at least 2 heroes so that your friends get 10% shield. To get 16% you need to collect 4 target heroes.

Hero list: Tigreal, Johnson, Lolita, Minsitthar

3. Sagittarius

All Archer Heroes gain a 20-40% critical rate and deal 300-400% critical damage. You need 3 marksmen to activate this synergy. If you want to get maximum attributes, you need 6 archer heroes.

Sagittarius is a very weak synergy because of its low defense. So you have to combine it with other synergies like Targeman, Cyborg or Abyss. If you instantly create shooter synergy in the early game, be prepared to have a lot of blood in your commander.

So at the beginning you play other synergies first and then switch to shooter synergy.

List of heroes: Miya, Irithel, Claude, Bruno, Wanwan, Moskov, Karrie

4. Elementalist

When you activate this synergy, 1 or 2 hero levels in the checkerboard area are increased by 1 level. The hero to be ascended is chosen at random and prioritizes the hero with the lowest level.

If you use 2 Elementalist Heroes, 1 Hero will level up. When there are 4 Elementalist Heroes, there are 2 Heroes that are promoted.

Hero list: Eudora, Valir, Vale, Luo Yi, Aurora

5. Magician

All heroes receive bonus magic damage when this synergy is active. The magic damage increases by up to 125% if you manage to put 6 magical heroes on the chessboard. You need at least 3 heroes to activate the magic synergy and receive an additional 40% magic damage.

This magical scroll is very well suited to be combined with the synergy of Elementalists, Western Desert and Empire. In addition to these three synergies, mage is very difficult to combine with other synergies.

List of heroes: Esmeralda, Cecilion, Aurora, Cyclops, Odette, Harith.

6. Guardian

All Guardian Heroes receive 140 physical defenses. To activate it you only need 3 heroes. There are still not many heroes with the guardian role, so they are rarely used.

Hero list: Belerick, Minotaur, Akai, Balmond

7. Shapeshifters

This synergy was just released in the latest Magic Chess patch. Heroes with this synergy receive 40% HP regeneration and can switch to other forms. In another form, it does 40% damage. The shape-shifter synergy is currently being used extensively.

List of heroes: Selena, Yu Zhong, Zhask.

8th wrestler

Wrestler is one of the most annoying role synergies in Magic Chess as it can have a numbing effect. Because every attack has a 20-30% chance to stun for 2.2 seconds.

When wrestler heroes are stunned, they also deal greater base attack damage which is 400-1000. This wrestler is very well suited to be combined with the synergy of sniper, assassin, empire or with the western desert.

List of heroes: Khufra, Jawhead, Carmilla, Dyrroth, Gatotkaca, Guinevere.

9. Assassin

Assassins are in fact famous for their very deadly attacks even with very weak defenses. All of these heroes have a 20-50% chance of triggering 3 quick attacks with normal attacks. Each of his quick attacks deals 50-150 true damage.

Right now, Assassin is one of the most powerful synergies to counteract the synergy of marksmen, mages or others. Because the assassin heroes attack the opponent’s core heroes directly from behind. It would be even more terrifying if that synergy were combined with the Empire or Wrestler synergy.

Hero list: Karina, Selena, Saber, Ling, Natalia, Gusion, Lancelot

Okay, these are the 9 role synergies in the game Magic Chess Mobile Legends. If you already know everything, you can roughly estimate which Magic Chess synergy is best for the push rank. You can even choose the best Magic Chess combination.

You can also check all the synergies in the game directly. For the location it can be found in the Gallery> Hero menu.

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