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9 Best Android RPG Games 2021, HD Graphics Quality!

Collection of the best Android RPG games

Role Playing Game (RPG) is one of the most popular game genres. This is because RPG games always have an exciting and challenging style of play in which we act as characters, complete various missions while improving their skills.

Meanwhile, this RPG game is usually enriched with an interesting storyline, so that players always become curious about the next storyline. In addition, it will generally come with stunning graphics and will surely have a more comfortable feel.

Well, if you are one of those who like RPG games, you will surely want to try new RPG games. However, with so many floating around, it will definitely be difficult to find which ones have HD graphics, interesting gameplay, and storylines.

Hence, in this review, BugisTekno will prepare several series of the best RPG games which of course have exciting gameplay with HD graphics that you can choose from. Immediately let’s see the following line.

Recommended Best HD Graphics RPG Android Game 2021

1. Genshin influence

RPG Genshin Impact Game

The first series to become the best RPG game in BugisTekno’s 2021 version is Genshin Impact. MiHoYo as the developer of this game carries the RPG Open World theme with HD graphics quality. Through this game you will feel the feeling of a more realistic RPG game where you can pass different areas, be it hills, cliffs or the sea, without any restrictions.

Essentially, there are a lot of things you can explore in this game. Then the available characters also have their respective advantages, you can choose different jobs, there are even elements for each character that can offer a more sophisticated gaming experience.

If you are a real RPG game fan, then I think you should give this one a try. It’s just that in order to play this Genshin Impact game you will need a high spec mobile phone with ample storage space as this game is around 8GB in size.

2. Life after

LifeAfter RPG games

Next up, LifeAfter is the second best Android RPG game. If you talk about the quality of the graphics this game is no less good, the different locations and characters seem pretty real.

During the game you have to survive the apocalypse of the world in which a dangerous virus appears that turns people into zombies. So this game combines RPG and survival game genre, which is sure to offer a new way of playing.

This game is also the choice of many people who like RPGs. It has been proven to have total downloads of more than 10 million at the moment and is the 6th best-selling game in the RPG category on the Google Play Store.

3. Light of Thel

Light by Thel RPG game

One type of RPG game that a lot of people like is the combination of RPG and fantasy. Yes, that’s because fantasy RPG games generally have cuter and more adorable characters in the game.

I am also personally interested in RPG games like this. Well one that you can try is Light of Thel. In terms of graphics, this game is more geared towards animated cartoon graphics, but still fluid and comfortable. Then the functions available are quite a bit too.

For example like a pet to accompany your trip, costumes that you can change to make the character look even cooler. And also 5 choices of character job classes that you can customize to your liking, from warriors, mages, archers, assassins and priests, which of course have their own perks.

4. Dragon Raja – SEA

SEA Dragon Raja RPG game

A number of the best Android RPG games with HD graphics quality, the fourth choice which is Dragon Raja – SEA. According to the description, this game managed to get the title of Best Competitive Game Google Play Award in Indonesia and Thailand in 2021. This, of course, can be a consideration for those of you who want to play RPG games.

In terms of graphics, this Dragon Raja game already has fantastic graphics quality with a fairly large size of around 1.9GB. So make sure you prepare a ton of quotas to download this game. In the meantime, the game functions are also very complete, both in terms of character adaptation to the game mode.

In addition, the game Dragon Raja also features a PvP system where you can fight in real-time duels or even fight hundreds of people at the same time. Apart from that, there is also a PvE system that has tons of powerful bosses and puzzles to solve.

5th crisis: p

Crisis S. RPG game

Next up, Crisis: S is also one of the best Android RPG games that has HD graphics quality. This game contrasts the RPG genre with romance, so you can feel a mixed feeling between hatred and harmony.

From the plot, Crisis S tells the story of an empire that spreads viruses and diseases to make people miserable. Your job, of course, is to fight to stop this and save the living.

Meanwhile, various features have also been included to complete the fun in this game, such as different choices of combat equipment, forming a team or fighting with friends and much more.

6. Ulala: Adventure while idling

Ulala Idle Adventure RPG game

Using the term “idle” in the name of the game, some people may think that the concept of this game is boring. But not for this one game. Although it has the concept of an idle role-playing game, this game offers very complete features.

As for the black market feature which means you can shop for your character’s needs, cook for cooking, arena for battle, and many others. Then there is a pet system that has an interesting model and of course it is also useful to aid in your fight.

7. Astral Guardian

Astral Guardians RPG game

For those of you who like anime-style characters, this game may be the right choice. The reason for this is that the Astral Guardians game carries the RPG genre, which is packed with cool Japanese anime characters and interesting scene effects.

In the game, as the kingdom’s most talented warrior, you have to complete a series of missions and challenges. In completing the mission there will be obstacles and barriers that you will face.

In addition, there are also different types of weapons that can increase your strength, there are even fashions and hairstyles that you can freely combine to create a unique style of character.

8. A batsman

One Punch Man RPG game

The next series of the best RPG games was followed by One Punch Man. This game also features an interesting storyline from the original anime. Of course, if you’re a fan of the One Punch Man anime, you should give the game a try too.

So this game carries the RPG genre with a turn-based system, which means that you take turns attacking your opponent. In the meantime, you can also form a team line-up to fight 3v3 in PvP mode or 6v6 in tournament mode.

9. World of Prandis

RPG game world by Prandis

One of the Android RPG games that also has the best lineup in this test is World of Prandis. In addition to the stunning graphics quality, this game also offers an open world mode, which means that you can freely explore the virtual world of this game and experience adventures.

Unique to this World Prandis game, there are animal partners that you can ride for faster adventures like birds that you can make you fly while enjoying the beautiful scenery from the interesting locations available.

Meanwhile, in terms of gameplay and the control buttons are also very easy to use. This game is based on an online game that you can play to make new friends and go on adventures together. There are also seven character job classes that you can define as you wish.

Well, that was a list of recommendations for the best RPG game version from BugisTekno, which of course can be your choice or consideration in finding the right game you want. Hopefully useful and have fun playing.

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