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9 Best and Newest, Most Exciting Android War Games!

The best war games on Android

War games are one of the most popular game genres. This is because war games always have an exciting and tense feeling, coupled with the quality of the graphics that make us more comfortable to play.

If you also like war games, you surely know the game played by millions of people, namely CoC. Yes, this game is an example of a previously popular strategy war game. In fact, if you see, the game is pretty simple.

Of course, some people sometimes get bored with the gameplay that is just so. Well, if you want to find a war game with a new sensation, BugisTekno has prepared a recommendation this time. Very exciting, of course, and can be your choice. Come on, let’s look at the following series.

Recommendations for the best and most exciting Android war games

1st World War Heroes

World War Heroes war game

The best war game recommendation, first choice, is World War Heroes. In terms of graphics, this game already has HD graphics quality so you will feel like you are playing more realistic and tense.

Then for the gameplay, this game takes on the WW2 theme. You can find various sophisticated war tools like tanks or other great weapons. In addition, you can play this game online with friends.

In addition to this, there are also different war game modes that you can play such as B. Deathmatch Mode, Base Defense, Capture the Flag and Custom Mode to create your own battle rules.

2. Warship Assault 3D

Warship Attack 3D war game

If you want to feel the feeling of a fighting game at sea, Warship Attack 3D is really worth a visit. In addition to the exciting and suspenseful gameplay, this game also has fluid graphics and pretty cool animations.

This game can also be unique online, you can fight 3v3 with other players in real time. You will act as the captain of the ship and wage war. Additionally, there are many types of legendary ships that you can use.

In addition, there are more than 40 very challenging levels in the battle mode. The designs and facilities of the existing ships also give a more detailed look, like the number of weapons on the ship that you can upgrade to make it more powerful.

3. Block the weapon

Block Gun War Game

Next up, Block Gun is the best war game, the third choice of the BugisTekno version. In terms of graphics, this game is more cartoonish, but still looks sleek and enjoyable.

The characters are also quite unique in that they are box-shaped from head to toe. Meanwhile, this game also offers a PvP function that allows you to play war with other online players. It is then also easy to play from the control side.

In addition, there are also various combat equipment that you can use, such as: B. AK47, FAMAS and many more and even sniper rifles. If you’ve ever played PUBG, it’s not clear that the game is almost the same, but this game certainly brings you something new.

4. Rise of the Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms war game

The key point that becomes a success in combat is strategy. Well, if you think you are an expert on strategy, this one game is worth trying. The reason is that this game involves a war strategy game, you need to carefully strategize both in attack and defense.

In terms of the quality of the graphics, this game is no joke either. Different characters, buildings and even places look very smooth and breathtaking. In addition, this game also has a real-time PvP function that allows you to fight directly with other players.

Besides, it’s no less exciting because there is an alliance system. This means that you can team up with your friends and work with them to form troops that will fight with other alliances to battle for kingdom territory.

5. Fighter planes: WW2 dogfight

Warplanes WW2 Dogfight war game

The second best war game recommendation is Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight. If this one game features dogfight gameplay. You play a fighter plane while aiming precisely at the enemy.

In terms of graphics, this game already carries the quality of 3D graphics which can look realistic and give the impression of a tense battle. In addition, there are also lots of cool and sophisticated fighter planes.

It doesn’t stop there, you will also act as a commander who carries out various tasks. So, in addition to flying planes, you need to manage various aspects such as buying planes, recruiting pilots, and managing bases.

6. Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D

Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D war game

The next game recommendation is still in dogfight mode, but the difference is that for this game you are piloting an attack helicopter. The gameplay on offer is no less exciting, as this game has been proven to have reached a total of 50 million downloads.

In terms of graphics, this game is happy with its 3D quality. Then the available game functions are also diverse, you fight different enemies both in the air and at sea and on land.

There’s even a story mode that makes the game even more fun. Essentially, if you really like dogfighting then this helicopter gunship game is worth playing.

7. World of submarines

World of Submarines war game

Continue the series of the seven best war games for Android, namely World of Submarines. If you want to feel the feeling of war in the sea, you can try this game.

In this game you play driving a submarine to fight in the ocean. You have to destroy enemy submarines by shooting them directly at the target.

In addition, this game has a PvP mode that you can use to play with friends online, and there is also PvE to fight computer enemies. In addition, there are many other interesting functions, including the modification of various components on the submarine.

8. Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms 3 war game

The next game is being developed by a well-known game developer, Gameloft. If we just look at the maker, we can be sure that the content of the game has to be very exciting and not boring.

This Brother in Arms game takes up the theme of WWII, which certainly gives a tense impression. In terms of graphics, it also brings smooth and stunning visual effects. In addition, there are four cards that you can play with.

In addition, there are many other in-game features available, you can experience war games in different ways, such as: B. Air strikes, rocket explosions, Molotov cocktails and others. Even this game has online multiplayer features too, so you can play with friends.

9. War robots

War robot war game

The thrill of war games that you can try too is robot war. The rapid pace of technological advances can certainly usher in an era when robots will later be used in war. Yes, that is the basic theme of this War Robots game.

You will feel the excitement of fighting robots and the sophisticated weapons they carry. The designs of the robots available are also cool and realistic, which of course can make you feel at home and become addicted to games.

In the meantime, War Robots also has features that are no less complete, including multiplayer features that allow you to play war with friends or other people. In addition, there is also a customization feature that allows you to customize your robot to make it stronger.

Well, that was a list of recommendations for the best war game version from BugisTekno that might be your choice, especially for those who like the war game genre.

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