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8 Top Banned Heroes Season 15, Including Tanks?

TOP Forbidden Season 15 | Games – Top Banned Heroes Season 15 without realizing that Season 14 has passed as quickly as Moonton often does the latest META adjustments.

As a result, there are some heroes who are now starting to switch from blocked subscriptions to no, and vice versa, heroes, who this time were considered normal and not disturbing, need to be added to the blocked list.

Below are a few Mobile Legends heroes that often make it onto the Top Banned Season 15 list early on:

Photo: Khufra – Moonton

Who doesn’t know one of the best tanks in Season 15 of the Myth of the Middle East of Egypt, yes, Khufra. One of the main khufra skills is self-throwing, which is like a cannonball that can cause crowd control effects like knockup, slow movement, which makes it difficult to escape desert-style ball attacks.

As a result of this ability, Khufra eventually became one of the heroes featured on the list of Most Blocked Heroes of Season 15 quite often. In addition to abilities that provide crowd control effects, this tank also has quite a bit of damage, making it very effective as a tank for protecting hero transport.

Photo: X-Borg – Moonton

“Paaannnaaasss !!” Yes, maybe that’s the right jargon for this hero. With the same elemental skills as Valir, X-Borg is also one of the battle heroes, making the top banned list for season 15 quite a bit this time around, often making it difficult for opponents to deal with. .

Not to mention if he takes out the Ultimate, which can spin and then explode, causing a pretty big damage effect. Especially when accompanied by tank heroes and fighters / mages who have pretty annoying crowd control effects like Esme or Khufra.

3. Ling

Photo: Ling-Moonton

This assassin, who is often confronted with Fanny, is quite annoying, even if this hero is a little difficult to play, but if used by a player who rules him, he will surely pose a serious threat to the team.

Since this hero is often hiding in rock walls on the map, even if there are some heroes facing him, he is very difficult to work with, he is still a top banned subscription in season 15, especially at the EPIC level.

4th Hylos

Photo: Hylos – Moonton

If you remember one of these barbarian tanks, the author remembers Donkey, one of the players on the EVOS team who often uses Hylos, the barbarian horse. It is undeniable that Hylos is one of those tanks strong and sturdy enough to be used in META.

In addition to his thick HP, this hero also has abilities that can be considered quite dangerous, in addition to being able to stun Hylos, he also has a slow effect on a tank which is quite dangerous. It’s only natural that this hero would get into TOP Banned Heroes at times, though not as often as Ling or X-Borg.

5. Esmeralda

Photo: Esmeralda – Moonton

The origin of this hero is almost the same as Khufra, namely from the Middle East, he has skills that are quite dangerous for the opponent. One of the mainstays of this hero’s skills or traits is the white shield, which is often his protection and therefore very difficult to perform.

Even if he manages to complete his items late in the game, he can still be one of the most dangerous enforcers. It’s only natural that he would also be featured in Mobile Legends season 15 top ban heroes.

6th Casting

Photo: Gusion – Moonton

One of the assassins / mages that is no less painful is Gusion, the dagger expert who has become a problem for Mobile Legends players of late. Because the damage Gussion does is pretty painful.

Besides being painful, this hero is also quite difficult to overcome thanks to this hero’s abilities, so his movements are quite agile.

7th Masha

Photo: Masha-Moonton

This hunter / tank is indeed one of the newcomer heroes, although not that new, this hero is also quite annoying as Masha’s movement speed is pretty fast. Few heroes can catch up with him.

If you remember Masha, for some reason it reminds me of Hilda, a fighter / tank heroine who is also pretty barbaric. In addition to this speed of movement, Masha is often used to mess up the opponent’s strategy, as she can push towers and move from one sideline to the other in a quick amount of time.

8th. Kaja

Photo: Kaja – Moonton

Kaja is the last fighting hero with magical damage that Esmeralda is not inferior. Yes, that hero who used to play a role as a backer / tank has now switched to a fighter often used in META in season 15. Some of the reasons for this are that Kaja is a counter-hero Ling can face, as well as Esmeralda thanks to her ultimate ability that can pull these heroes.

In addition to this, Kaja also has magical damage which is quite painful in the mid and late game. He’s also quite posable, which is one of the reasons this hero has also been top banned several times, albeit not as often as Gussion, Ling or Esmeralda.

So these are some of the heroes who became the Top Banned Season 15, maybe those heroes will shift again because Moonton will be making adjustments to some heroes in the near future. Yes, Moonton does that a lot.

What do you think of the heroes above, is there your favorite hero who is a tire subscriber? Or do you want to add other heroes who are often on the list of top banned season 15? Please leave your message in the comments.

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