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8 Easy Ways to Booyah Free Fire for Beginners

How to play Free Fire Auto Booyah as the game is themed Battle Royale dominate, developers around the world compete for a similar game. One of them is Free fire which is currently a favorite game.

Even if Garena has been presenting the gaming experience for a long time Battle Royale on the device Cell phone, mobile phone by letting go Free fire. Of course, not everyone experienced the fun Free fire. Some of you may not have tried this game in a long time. Well if you are a new gamer Free fire, here are various tips on how to make Booyah Free Fire for beginners in this game easy!

Let’s see the easy way to get to Booyah Free Fire for beginners

1. Pay attention to the zone

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In addition to surviving by fighting enemies, you also need to be aware of the zones in combat. This zone area can shift and shrink according to the time you specify. You are required to enter the pre-existing circle or zone in order to stay alive.

If you are out of the zone, your blood will gradually decrease. The smaller the zone circle, the more your blood will draw. You also need to be attentive to the enemies around you.

2. Prepare a mature strategy

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The allure of this game is to present an action fight through shooting. On an island with 50 people and on the other hand, of course, you need a well-developed strategy to win the game.

You can use this strategy to attack enemy attacks or to defend yourself. You need to prepare this to accommodate all forms of action Free fire. Whether aggressive game strategy from the start or passive game for the sake of victory.

3. Keep the team together

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As with other games, you play in squad mode with your friends. When you play in a team, you always try to maintain cohesion. Teamwork is important to those of you who play together.

Especially if you want to do it to press to the opponent or during the attack. You can count on your teammates to protect you or vice versa.

4th Take the time prey

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Use the time doing prey in the best possible way. Collect items that can help you during the game. Like Med Kit and Gloo Wall and don’t just focus prey on guns and bullets.

Med Kit is useful to restore your affected blood damage. While the Gloo Wall is useful for building a wall that can prevent the enemy from attacking you in the field open field.

5. prey Necessary

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When you want to get started with the Free Fire game. You have to be careful to loot different weapons. But you don’t have to loot too much. You will have to loot if necessary as you have to be careful about the capacity of the bag.

6th Pay attention to the position if you want camping

How to play Free Fire
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One of the best strategies when playing themed games Battle Royale is to be done camping or hide in a place that is difficult for the enemy to see. Remember, if you want to use this strategy, you need to already know which direction the zone is going to move. This method is very effective when you do this because you can easily shoot anyone trying to enter the area you are in control of. If that method works, “Booyah!” you can definitely get it.

7th Avoid the open field

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When you want to find an enemy and kill them. But you have to be careful not to get out into the open. Because it leads to the enemy attacking you.

8th. Keep moving

easy way booyah

However, it is recommended to always hide. But you also have to keep moving because there is a play area. This zone reduces your HP.

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Well, those are tips on how to play Free fire Auto booyah. What do you think of Vexa friends about the easy trail to Booyah Free Fire for beginners? Are vexa friends always interested in tips on how to make Booyah Free Fire easy for beginners? Until next time.

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