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7 ways to take good care of a laptop

7 Ways To Take Good And Proper Care Of A Laptop Laptop is one of the tools that everyone uses a lot today. In addition to this, laptops also have some advantages that are very helpful for users. One of them is that users can operate it in different places.

The frequent use of a laptop must go hand in hand with its maintenance so that the laptop is in a well-maintained condition and can function smoothly. There are a lot of things to consider for laptop users, namely having to frequently check the components in the laptop. So that the components run normally and can be optimal. Well this time the admin is going to discuss how to properly and properly care for a laptop.

7 ways to take good care of a laptop

The most annoying moment is when the laptop suddenly crashes while it really has work to do. So that regular diagnosis or maintenance is required so that the laptop does not experience sudden errors. There are many ways to maintain a laptop so that it can run normally. The admin put it together especially for my friend so you can apply it to the laptop right away. Just skip the following review

1. Perform a hard disk defragmentation

Hard disk defragmentation is a way of maintaining a laptop, especially on the hardware side, by structuring blocks or sectors on hard disk storage so that its performance can work optimally and faster.

  • The method is very simple, namely by opening the start menu and then typing “Defragment and optimize your drives” then the settings appear.
take good care of the laptop
  • Select Drive, then click Analyze, then click Optimize
take good care of the laptop

2.Clean temporary files (system junk files)

Often times, most users forget about this junk file, although temporary files can make the laptop slow to process an application’s performance. Temporary files are junk files from the app system that are automatically saved when an app is used. The method to delete is quite simple, namely

  • First press Windows Key + R combination, then enter% temp% and then click OK
take good care of the laptop
  • Block all junk files and then right click to delete them and choose Delete

3. Install the Laptop Temperature Checker application

how to take care of the laptop

One of the things to monitor or not the laptop’s heat level. The administrator recommends Smart Booster Game, besides being able to check the temperature, it can also update drivers. Download the Smart Game Booster application from this link

4. Remove dust and dirt from the device

clean the dust

It is very important to clean the laptop of dust and dirt. The goal is to ensure that air is circulating normally in the laptop so that the laptop does not overheat the system, causing damage to some components.

5. Update programs and drivers

how to take care of the laptop

Like applications on HP, application programs on laptops also need to be updated, so it is very important that we know the version of the installed program.

Also, to support updating application programs, it is necessary to update the driver so that the program can run normally on the laptop.

6. Run the troubleshooting function

Troubleshooting is a widely used method when abnormal activity occurs on a laptop, such as: B. Problems reading drivers, operating system errors, changes to regedit, etc. How then?

  • First, open the Control Panel and then select Troubleshoot
  • After that, there are several choices of problems or issues on the laptop
  • Then you will see instructions, then it will fix the problem on the laptop

7. Place and position the laptop in the correct place


Many laptop users underestimate and even ignore this one thing. The position of a laptop, which should be placed in a stable and clean place, is sometimes even placed on a bed without a pedestal to keep air circulation normal.

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Shut down

So the article on the correct and correct care of a laptop. The care and maintenance of the laptop is important to keep the laptop running normally and not to easily fail while using it. Hopefully useful, friend Vexa Game

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