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7 Ways To Overcome Unsupported PUBG Mobile Support On Your HP HP

How not to support PUBG Mobile after it became the most popular game for computer users, PUBG (Player Unknown Battleground) game also ended up visiting mobile devices with PUBG Mobile version. The PUBG Mobile game also has a Battle Royale theme where players are asked to survive until the end of the game and be the only player or team that remains.

However, so that you can install games that are already very popular with users of this mobile device. You must have a mobile device with certain technical specifications. If you don’t have a capable device, here’s how to resolve PUBG Mobile Unsupported.

This is what happens when your PUBG doesn’t support it

Let’s see how to solve PUBG Mobile is unsupported

Update operating system version

One of the technical specifications that you need to consider when installing the PUBG Mobile game is the use of which operating system version you are using. Hence, you can try updating your phone to the latest version.

To do this, you just need to go into the System Updater on the device. They can of course be found on a wide variety of devices Settings > Software update > Download updates manually.

Overcoming PUBG Mobile not supported with Use of third party app stores

PUBG Mobile is not supported

Problems in PUBG Mobile game that your device does not support can also be caused by limitations in the official application storage system of the device you are using. Both include the Google Play Store or developer vendor app stores.

You can of course try to download the PUBG Mobile game application through third party app stores including Amazon App Store, APK Mirror, Aptoide, Mobo Market, or other third party stores.

Install PUBG Mobile APK

PUBG Mobile is not supported

You can also install the PUBG Mobile Game APK if you don’t want to use a third-party app store. Just download the APK from the website that provides it. You need to be careful when downloading APKs for fear that a virus could damage your device.

Install PUBG Other mobile versions

PUBG Mobile is not supported

Aside from the global version, it turns out that the game developed by Tencent already has a special version in Chinese.

With this version of the application you can of course install PUBG Mobile on devices that were not previously supported by the global version. But of course not all devices will support this version. In that case, you can also wait for the LITE version of the PUBG Mobile game that Tencent is currently developing.

Root device you

As already explained, there are certain technical specifications required to use the PUBG Mobile game. It also includes the version of the device you are using.

So you can change this version via Build.prop of your device. Which is not recommended as you need to open root access which is quite dangerous for your device.

Install similar games

If you get stuck and can’t find a solution to enable your device to play the PUBG Mobile game. One of the best ways is to upgrade your phone to a device that supports this game.

However, if you don’t have enough cash, it is a good idea to try other games with similar themes and gameplay, such as the Garena Free Fire game, which only requires lower technical specifications than the PUBG Mobile game.

Switch to another device

The easiest way is to upgrade your device to a device with higher specifications than your current device. Or higher than PUBG Mobile’s minimum specs.

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Shut down

This is an explanation of how to resolve PUBG Mobile Unsupported. How about some Vexa friends who want to take advantage of these tips? Or is this trick already working? Until next time.

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