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7 Unique Facts About FF Free Fire Players Need To Know!

Free Fire is one of the most popular games in recent years. Surely Vexa’s boyfriend plays it too, right? Free Fire, or generally abbreviated as FF for gamers, is a battle or battle royal game developed by 111 Dots Studio. Then Free Fire officially appeared on the Android and iOS platforms. Since then, Free Fire has gained a lot of fans and is the most downloaded game of 2021. One of the interesting things about Free Fire is that we can play a lot of characters, including Kla Free Fire. Let’s look at the following 7 unique facts about FF.

About Kla characters

Free Fire as a Battle Royal game has a wide variety of characters, each with a different costume. But the costume is only an accessory, my friend. You have to buy with diamond or gold if you want to dress your favorite character. For example, you would need 499 diamonds to buy a typical Kla FF character with the appearance of a Muay Thai athlete. Kla Free Fire is a character who is known to be strong in his punches and hence earned the nickname One Man Punch. No wonder he can fight with his bare hands just by relying on his fatal blow, friend.

After your quick research into Kla Free Fire, here are 7 unique Kla FF facts that Vexa friends need to know. What are you?

7 Unique Facts About FF That You Need To Know!

Kla Free Fire (FF): Top Ratings, Skills, Tips & Combinations

1. Biography of Kla FF

Kla is a 27 year old male character in Free Fire. He was born on December 14th. Kla also has a background as a muay thai fighter. Free Fire tells that he was kidnapped by a mysterious person and could not be found for several years. When he returns and appears, he is vengeful and has no mercy for anyone who gets in his way.

2. Properties of class FF class

Kla Free Fire has a boxing ability that can destroy anything. Kla is known to be an excellent character at the start of the battle. Where from? He can do massive damage with just one hit of his hand. Kla is very helpful at the beginning of the game, where every player does not have a weapon. He’s a character who looks scary and is feared by players when they don’t have weapons.

3. Appropriate weapons

Although Kla has muay thai skills, you can also arm Kla with shotguns and armor to keep his HP long. So he can still hit the opponent with great damage.

4. Tips for playing Kla FF

If a Vexa friend wants to use a Fla character, Vexa Game recommends that you continue to fight at close range but be careful with weapons to deal with enemies that are strong enough and of a high level.

5. How to get Kla FF. plays

Kla Free Fire is fun to play, friend, because it can be combined with various other characters. Kla can be a helper at the beginning of the game to attack the enemy with his skills. However, Kla must continue to use weapons so that he can keep attacking the enemy until the end of the game. Some characters that can be combined with Kla are:

Wukong’s ability is quite unique, which is to turn into a bush so that it is invisible to the enemy. Although this skill is very useful for close combat. Hence, Kla can disguise himself with Wukong to attack the enemy without getting caught.

Characters with quick running skills are good to pair with strong characters like Kla. Kelly can save Kla when his fists are not effective enough to attack the enemy. Kelly, on the other hand, can get Kla up and running quickly to attack enemies at close range.

Andrew, a cop with armaments specialist skills, can help Kla Free Fire increase its resistance to enemies.

6. Advantages and disadvantages of Kla

With his signature punch, Kla can be useful early on in combat. It is also suitable for close combat when unarmed. Kla can also work with any character to deal greater damage. Therefore, friend, Kla is not suitable for long-range combat and of course you still have to equip him with melee weapons or shotguns.

7. Klas special ability

Kla has a special ability in Muay Thai whose hits can increase boxing damage by up to 100%. Interestingly, this boxing damage will continue to increase as the Kla Free Fire level increases. Here are the details

Level – fist damage

  • 1, damage Boxing 100%
  • 2, damage Boxing 150%
  • 3, damage Boxing 200%
  • 4, damage Boxing up to 250%
  • 5, Avenger Set or Kla open jacket
  • 6, damage 300% box
  • 7, get the Kla banner
  • 8th, damage Boxing 400%

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Shut down

Kla Free Fire is a strong character and his presence is very helpful at the beginning of the game. These are 7 unique facts about Kla FF that can be a reference and help for friends when you want to play it. Hopefully useful and happy gaming, friend!

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