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7 recommendations for Mobile Legends Heroes for Jokowi-san

President Joko Widodo with Jess No Limit. (Instagram / Jeesnolimit) – Last Wednesday, October 10, President Joko Widodo had the opportunity to attend the Indonesian Student Recognition (AKSI) attendees, attended by 540 OSIS executives from across Indonesia at the Grand Mulya Resort and Convention Hotel.

In his speech, President Joko Widodo spoke about the rapid development of eSports, especially mobile legends. He is very keen to learn more and try to play Mobile Legends.

It was previously known that President Joko Widodo had invited one of the Mobile Legends’ currently popular professional esports athletes, Jees No Limit.

He is also known to have asked his youngest son, Kaesang Pangarep, to teach him how to play Mobile Legends. To help Mr. President, the HiTekno team has prepared heroes that match the character of President Joko Widodo.

Here are seven recommendations for Mobile Legends heroes for Jokowi-san:

1. Johnson

Johnson Mobile Legends.  (HiTekno)
Johnson Mobile Legends. (HiTekno)

Each leader is a protector and shield for his own people. Johnson is a hero who has a shield and is known as a hero with thick armor.

Jokowi is known for reviewing projects across the country. The character is the same as Johnson, who is known for “exploring” every corner of the Mobile Legends map or the Blusukan.

2. Tiger

Tigreal Mobile Legends.  (HiTekno)
Tigreal Mobile Legends. (HiTekno)

Tigreal is a favorite hero in the early season of Mobile Legends. This one-hero tanker is also suitable for Jokowi as Tigreal is a leader.

The shield and sword that Tigreal always wears give the aura of a leader. This tank hero is a leader of the imperial capital Mosennia and was sent to exterminate enemies in the Land of Dawn.

He was also awarded the title of Warrior of Light for fighting on the front lines. This hero character works very well when used by Jokowi.

3. Fanny

Fanny Mobile Legends.  (HiTekno)
Fanny Mobile Legends. (HiTekno)

President Joko Widodo will be very well suited to deploying Fanny’s heroes. But it looks like Jokowi will have a long time to practice if he chooses this hero.

Fanny is famous as a hero-assassin with a very high degree of control difficulty. This hero is famous as a hero who likes to “travel the world” to every corner of the map.

Players who are already good will usually lead Fanny into the opponent’s jungle area. Jokowi who likes ” Blusukan ” seems very apt when using this hero.

4. Yi Yun-Shin

Yi Yun-Shin Mobile Legends.  (HiTekno)
Yi Yun-Shin Mobile Legends. (HiTekno)

Yi Yun-Shin, or often known as YSS, is a kind of sniper hero who is quite a nuisance. Jokowi will be very suitable for this hero as it suits his character.

This hero is also very suitable because he corresponds to Jokowi’s vision that will make Indonesia strong in the maritime sector. It is known that the YSS has an ulti that takes the ship and stuns the enemy immediately when they hit it.

The YSS ulti is also known as the ” Blusukan ” uti as all enemy heroes are sure to be damaged when this ulti is activated. Even if he hides in every corner of the map, the opponent’s hero cannot escape once YSS has spent his ulti.

5. Hayabusa

Hayabusa Mobile Legends.  (HiTekno)
Hayabusa Mobile Legends. (HiTekno)

Hayabusa works very well when used by Jokowi. The hero contained in this assassin role looks thin and small. But make no mistake, Hayabusa is a very agile hero and his shadow can “blusukan” in all directions.

Despite being small and thin, a sniper type hero will lose instantly if faced one on one with Hayabusa. This hero also has the ulti ” disappear ” so it’s very apt for Jokowi who really likes to disappear when he’s blusukan.

6. Estes

Estes Mobile Legends.  (HiTekno)
Estes Mobile Legends. (HiTekno)

This hero is a type of support that works very well when used by Jokowi. He is the king of the moon fairies so this hero shows an aura of leadership.

His body isn’t too big either, and resembles President Joko Widodo. The name of this hero is almost similar to the name of Jokowi’s first grandson, Jan Ethes.

Even if she doesn’t have too much damage, Estes is quite a nuisance when she has given blessings from the moon gods.

If Jokowi is good at using Estes, it is guaranteed that all enemies will get into trouble due to this hero’s powerful slowing effect.

7. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca Mobile Legends.  (HiTekno)
Gatotkaca Mobile Legends. (HiTekno)

Gatotkaca is a tank hero and is known for its very high durability. This one hero is a native Indonesian hero because he was adopted by Wayang characters in local stories.

Jokowi is very suitable to use this hero as Gatotkaca is a native Indonesian hero.

This hero is also known for having armor thick enough to describe a leader who is always a shield for his people.

Those were the seven recommendations for Mobile Legends heroes to Mr. Jokowi, what kind of hero is that of yours, the President of Indonesia?