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7 Genshin Impact Tips for Free Gacha Players to Make Fun to Play

Genshin influence. (miHoYo) – Genshin Impact is a free game but has made fantastic profits in a short period of time. This is obtained from microtransactions in the gacha system.

The gacha system itself is a center of attraction for obtaining characters and weapons. You can get it for free by playing this free game.

But for those who have more budget and can’t wait, they can buy crystals to attract gacha and other things in this action RPG game.

Interestingly, as a developer, miHoYo is able to balance paid players willing to spend with free gacha players.

This is because the gacha system has a low chance of making a fortune even if you are spending money. However, the player’s diligence is limited by resin.

The paid Battle Pass system also offers interesting bonuses, such as weapons. But there has to be a process that is being done to raise the level.

Gacha in Genshin Impact also uses compassion or forgiveness. Namely, the certainty of getting 5 stars after being attracted to Gacha 95 times. And the assurance of 4 stars if you pull the gacha once 10.

Genshin influence.  (miHoYo)
Genshin influence. (miHoYo)

Then how can free gacha players compete with those who are spending big bucks on this action RPG game?

Here the team summarizes Genshin Impact tips for free gacha players who want to maximize and enjoy RPG action games.

1. Bookmark points of interest

Genshin Influence Card.  (
Genshin Influence Card. (

In this free playing card we have the option to add a sign or a pin in important places. Like places with ores or crystals.

Can also mark the location of monsters, artifacts, fruits and other items. If one day we need to, we can come back by looking at the sign on the map.

2. Daily play and farming

Genshin Impact Routine Activities.  (
Genshin Impact Routine Activities. (

Not only do you do 4 daily tasks, but you can also farm or collect items and experiences that are needed every day.

Such as ore or iron cultivation, fruit and food sources, artifacts and some items that are replenished every 24 hours or at a specific time.

Also spend resin every day to farm items, mora or money, as well as EXP. Especially the boss who drops interesting items and level up the character.

Don’t forget to send expeditions every day to get essential items. Like ore, as well as money that will be useful.

3. Master the combination of the elements Element

Genshin Impact Elements.  (
Genshin Impact Elements. (

Not having Diluc and Venti doesn’t mean you are done playing Genshin Impact. You can combine other characters for extra elemental damage.

Master how the elements work in this game like overwhelm, superconductivity and many others by using character skills.

Likewise, the resonance element that can be formed from the combination of our characters gives bonuses. From ATK, SPD, Cooling Down and many others.

Even free characters like Kaeya and Lisa can create deadly combinations of elements. Combine elements of your character to maximize damage.

4. Maximize 4 stars, don’t underestimate 3 stars

Genshin Impact 3 star weapon.  (
Genshin Impact 3 star weapon. (

Both weapons and four-star characters can be used more optimally. Especially 4-star characters who, thanks to the combination of elements, can produce great lady.

The combination of four-star character elements can’t do less damage. Also use buffs from food and artifacts.

Don’t underestimate the 3 stars as weapons are easier to refine as it is easy to get similar types. And 4-star guns are hard to come by.

With artifacts, the higher the level of your world, the greater the potential for five stars. Collect 1 to 3 star artifacts for 5 star upgrades.

5. A 5 star character is enough

Genshin Impact characters.  (
Genshin Impact characters. (

You don’t have to be jealous of the many other five-star characters. Enough with a 5 star character, it can elevate your team to a high level.

Make use of Pitty Gacha for five-star security, especially on characters. Once received, maximize the level of weapons and artifacts.

Assisted by other characters who can activate the bonus damage elements. If it’s a five star support category, make sure you have a DPS that is consistent.

6. Save items and mora from the start

Requirements for items and Mora Genshin Impact.  (
Requirements for items and Mora Genshin Impact. (

As you level up, you get more mora and more valuable items. But your needs are also increasing.

Especially for upgrade items, both weapons and rising characters need more and more. Especially the rising mora as your upgrade is higher.

Saving money from the start will make it easier for you to get interesting characters or weapons. Because you need a lot of items, experience and mora to level up, to be on par with the current team.

You can also save food to heal by teleporting to the Angel of Seven statue. Also fruit available in various locations if not in an emergency.

7. Waifu> meta

Genshin Impact characters.  (
Genshin Impact characters. (

Each character in Genshin Impact has its own set of benefits and functions. Although not popular, a number of characters can be maximized by either a combination of elements or objects.

For example Amber, a character that many players are unemployed with. If you idolize Amber this character is great to explore, especially if there are characters who use arrow weapons.

Having a Waifu or Husband character on your team will make the game more fun. And too often you feel at home in agriculture in the long run.

Maximize your favorite character by providing the best items and support from other characters. Form an optimal team with Waifu or Husband.

These are 7 Genshin Impact tips so you can keep playing even though it’s just free gacha. But there is nothing wrong with spending money on this free game.

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