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7 Easy Ways to Change PUBG Mobile Quick Chat Voice to Korean

How to change the PUBG quick chat voice to the latest Korean language – I use this method when I’m bored and bored with Voice Quick Chat, which is just the way it is. And maybe there are friends among friends who are similar to the Indodominic admin.

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Changing the PUBG Mobile’s Quick Chat voice to Korean later will ease the boredom a bit, because Quick Chat in Korean sounds very cute and funny, maybe even a little nice when you hear it compared to the usual Quick Chat. In addition to the Korean Quick Chat, Japanese is also available.

The method is very simple. The only difference is in the quick chat file, the name is also in a different language. But it never hurts to check a few more options. For Indodominian admins, I will once again explain the steps where I performed this method and the results work well.

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7 Easy Ways to Change PUBG Mobile Quick Chat Voice to Korean

1. First of all, you need to download the Korean Quick Chat Voice file first.

2. When you are done, download the ZArchiver application from the Playstore for Android users, hehe.

3. In the next step, open the ZArchiver application, find the Quick Chat file (active.sav) that was downloaded earlier, then press Copy

4. After copying, find it in the Save Game folder. To find the Friends folder, just follow these steps:

Select Device Storage -> Android -> Data -> Com.tencent.ig -> File -> EA4Game -> ShadowTrackerExtra -> Saved and paste it into the SaveGames folder

5. When you find the Save Game folder, paste the Quick Chat file by selecting the paste icon in the lower right corner, then check all the files, see the image below for details

6. Then open the PUBG Mobile game -> select Settings -> select Quick Chat and please listen to it one by one before using it.

7. Done

Ok so much discussion about How to change the PUBG Mobile Quick Chat Voice to Korean. If there is an easier way please add a comment. Thank you for visiting friends.

Eza Rizki Firdaus

Eza Rizki Firdaus
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