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6 tips to loot free fire to get to Booyah quickly

Free Fire Tips to Loot to Booyah !, this game has a slightly different play style than Battle Royale others, like PUBG Mobile. There are many items unique in playing, you make the game in Free fire interspersed with different actions and considerations. Not only do you have to look for powerful weapons, players must be able to survive enemy attacks if you want to spawn Booyah! And defeat the opponents.

The game begins when the player begins to land. Later you will start collecting weapon aliases prey arm yourself and appear to Booyah. Here are tips for those of you who are unfamiliar with looting on Free Fire.

Let’s check out tips for Loot Free Fire for Booyah!

Looking for a distant landing site


For those of you confused about finding the best spot to land on Free Fire, it is a good idea to look for a location that is far from the plane’s flight path. That way, players have a lower chance of arguing prey with the enemy. All you have to do is jump perpendicular to the plane so that the landing point is very far away.

By landing away from the onslaught of other enemies, players can gain valuable time to prey calm and safe. You certainly don’t want to suddenly be ambushed by other players / enemies and not be ready because you don’t have a good weapon yet.

Browse pockets to increase standard capacity


Like in the game Battle Royale Miscellaneous. The Free Fire game requires you to look for different items. However, you have limitations on how to store items. Hence, you will need a bag to increase the capacity.

Collect items priority

Free fire loot tips
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Just like games Battle Royale On the other hand, players are limited by the capacity of the bag (backpack). So you can’t take it all items in the game you will find. You need to prioritize in determining which accessories and how many bullets to carry in your backpack.

Ideally, the player should have three Clip magazine every bullet must be in your pocket for a fight when choosing a weapon Submachine gun or Assault rifles. When the gun Snipers, seems 1-2 Clip is more than enough because Damage-is calculated as very large. Make sure that accessories such as grenades and Gloo Wall are always available as their function in the game is very large.

Regularly looking for mushrooms

Free fire mushroom

aside from that armor and weapons you can find turns out you can look for mushrooms in them Free fire. This mushroom is not just any mushroom as it has properties that help you regenerate the blood. When traveling on an open road, always keep an eye out for red and yellow mushrooms.

The function of blood regeneration in this fungus is very important to you. Because you may be lucky enough to win a shootout because you have more resistance thanks to regeneration. Plus if you get stuck on the outside Security zone So regeneration is urgently needed.

Repair protective suits and helmets

Free fire helmet

You can’t just be proud because you have a helmet and vest thick and strong. Over time, while playing, there is always the possibility that this item will break due to fire or poison gas from the opponent. If so, the only solution is to replace items or fix.

In the game Free fire, it is good that you always use your potential for improvement Items. If you are lucky you will find a place to repair it vest and helmets around town or pocket a repair kit. items This turns out to be a battle that you really need to have in your backpack.

Find a supply box


You certainly crave for rare weapons and armor fat while playing. The solution to your wish is of course only through hunting Storage box thrown from the plane. When you hear the sound of planes flying by, immediately pay attention to where they are flying by and follow them Storage box that bring them down.

Usually, Storage box will fall in a safe area. Since this is one of the priorities in this game, players will usually find opponents there who are also looking for prizes from Storage jar. This is where you have to be ready to put your skills to the test.

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Shut down

These are the tips Tips for Loot Free Fire at Booyah. Will Vexa friends heed these tips? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and discuss in the comments section below, OK! Until next time.

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