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6 COC push rank tips, especially for you!

Who Said Clash Of Clans Is Easy To Play? If it’s easy then why are your levels and rankings still like this? That said, you really need Clash of Clans ranking tips. How are 6 COC push rank tips especially for you !? Read more below as there is a strategy that many other Clash of Clan players are rarely aware of!

Maximize Agriculture

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The game of Clash of Clans depends on the strategy of how you can collect resources. The more resources you collect, the more powerful your kingdom or clan will become. So the first requirement to win Clash of Clans is to maximize resource collectors and storage units.

So suggest that you focus on one at a time, farming resource gathering first. Make sure you have to build the maximum number of gold and exilir collectors. Don’t forget to build a very strong town hall as well. The town hall will get stronger with earlier assistance with the Gold and Exilir upgrade levels. Of course, you will need a plethora of resources to improve City Hall.

Pay attention to the resource cycle

6 tips for advancing your rank
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You shouldn’t forget that gold and Exilir collectors are built at a constant and regular pace. So always check the info tab on any resource generator you have so that you can monitor the activities of the clan farm. Then you can see every item that can collect gold and money. And you can see all of the gold and money as a whole before you finally collect it in the storage unit.

If all the collectors you have are at the same level, try setting your cell phone alarm every few hours. To be clear, check the progress of increasing your money and gold. So you don’t forget when the storage unit is full and the development of your village or clan becomes faster.

Protect buildings in the base

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One of the most important items in this game is the town hall. So upgrading the Town Hall will give you access to a lot of new things in this game. That said, you have a greater chance of building your base to become a bigger one too.

Suggest that you build an outer sphere of power first and build a fortress inside the walls. This is why so many professional gamers build their items outside the fortress walls. The aim is to make it more difficult for enemy troops to reach the base and their armor has also been deactivated by attacks from defenses outside the fortress walls.

Don’t act during shield time

6 tips for advancing your rank
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You need to know for yourself if you can purchase Shield Age items yourself. During these times the enemy cannot attack your village. However, you can get this time shield for free if you lose the war. This game will automatically give you a time refresher or time shield so you can rebuild the village. However, the two shield times instantly disappear if you decide to attack your opponent. So it is recommended that you ensure that you maximize the shield time function when optimizing the village. Once the village has recovered, you can survive stronger later.

Play single mission

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When your shield time is up, you can also attack goblin villages in single player. Even if you don’t get any rewards or trophies with this strategy. However, you can make a lot of money by sacrificing the 100 troops that are there. In addition to this, you can also use this single player mode to unlock multiple achievements or trophies that you can maximize to get gems.

Strengthen mortar

6 tips for advancing your rank
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When the enemy attacks you on the village with thousands of soldiers and there are also giants trying to destroy the walls. You can use mortar, who is a loyal friend, to fight them all. Each type of mortar must have advantages and disadvantages. Mortar has the advantage of a very large area damage. However, mortars also have a minimum range that you need to know so that they are not damaged by the enemy.

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This is the Article on 6 COC Push Rank Tips for You! How about some Vexa friends, are you interested in these tips? Or is it already running? Until next time.

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