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5 Ways To Play PUBG Mobile That Won't Broken

Hello all friends, this time I will share a tutorial How not to break PUBG Mobile.

How not to break PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile game is a survival game where friends play with 99 other players from all over the world. With these players friends are deposited on an island, on the island there is various equipment for fighting, for example helmets, armor, weapons, midkits and so on. To win this game you must be the last player left.

Surviving to the end and killing all enemies you encounter is not an easy thing. Friends should practice and play this game often to understand the tips and tricks. The longer and higher the friend level, the more skilled the friends’ enemies are. Your mobile phone must be in good condition when you play this game.

Sometimes while playing this game, some players complain because they often experience lags and breaks. The delay experienced while playing the PUBG Mobile game is due to various things including opening too many applications, lots of cache on friends’ phones, slow internet connections, and so on. Below is a collection of ways to overcome the common pubg mobile delays and crashes.

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5 ways not to break PUBG Mobile

1. Empty the cache
PUBG Mobile friends play will break if the cache on your friends’ phones is messy. To do this, friends, you need to clear the cache on your friends ‘phones and then restart your friends’ phones. There are many ways to clear HP’s cache, one of which is to use an application.

2. Make sure your Android and operating system are compatible
Friends, you need to make sure that Android and the operating system you are using are compatible or compatible in order to play PUBG Mobile. If your friends’ phones are not compatible, the game will not run smoothly. If your Android operating system isn’t compatible, you’ll need to update or replace it.

3. Use a good internet connection
As friends know, PUBG is an online game that requires an internet connection. In order for friends not to lag and break while playing PUBG Mobile, friends need to have a smooth and fast internet connection. If the internet connection is not smooth, friends may be killed in the middle of the game due to a poor internet connection.

4. Adjust graphics settings
After making sure that your Android phone and its operating system are compatible, you need to check your friends’ RAM size / capacity as it will also affect the smoothness of your game. If the memory of your mobile phone is low, it is recommended to set the game graphics to a smooth level. If your memory is large, you can re-adjust it to suit your friends’ HP capabilities.

5. Do not play while it is charging

Most impatient people do this often. Often, because you don’t want to wait until the cell phone battery is full, use it immediately while the cell phone is being charged. This is a bad deed because not only does the HP get hot and damaged quickly, but it also often delays and breaks the PUBG game being played. So it is best to wait until the battery is fully charged.

These are a few tips and tricks that the Indodominic administrator can pass on to friends How not to break PUBG Mobile. Hopefully what the admin says is useful and can help friends get through your pubg lagging cell phone. Friends can try the first through last method, please try and good luck.

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