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5 Ways To Overcome PUBG Mobile Lags Definitely Work!

5 Effective Ways To Overcome PUBG Mobile Lag !, battle royale themed games are on the rise right now. So that there are many players and there will be more Update making the PUBG Mobile game a little less smooth, aka delay when playing on multiple HP types. Of course, if you are playing the PUBG Mobile game when you almost want to have a chicken dinner, you are definitely going to fail and be really sad, right?

To deal with cracks in playing PUBG Mobilea, there are several simple ways to overcome the PUBG Mobile problem. So this time I’m going to review 5 ways to overcome it in full length delay PUBG Mobile on your phone is easy and of course easy for you too!

Make sure the smartphone specifications are appropriate

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The first way, of course, is to understand and make sure of the specs Smartphone What you use to play PUBG Mobile is enough to play the game. Smartphone They should support the 4G internet network, in addition to the internet network, make sure that other specifications such as the operating system, Chipset and the RAM and internal storage capacity of the smartphone is sufficient. Here are the minimum specifications for agar Smartphone You can play PUBG Mobile without it delay. It is recommended to use a higher specification than the information given below!

Central processorFour coreDual-core @ 1.3 GHz
operating systemAndroid 5.1.1 lollipopiOS 9
R.A.M.2 GB1 GB
Internal memory1 GB1 GB

Use a stable internet network (must be 4G LTE!)

5 ways to overcome PUBG lag
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Of course, since PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer game, this game requires a fast and stable internet network. So it is recommended to use 4G LTE internet or a WiFi network if there is a network. In addition, to minimize delay If you want to play the PUBG Mobile game, you can also switch to an Asian server that has Ring Green. Because in fashion default PUBG Mobile automatically uses North American servers that are over Ring pretty bad.

Don’t forget to set the graphics settings

5 ways to overcome PUBG lag
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The next most important thing is that you don’t forget to set the best PUBG Mobile graphics settings in order to get the best graphics Style of play the game you want. To adjust the settings, you can access this menu by clicking on the icon. to press equipment in the top right corner of the screen and select the graphics menu. Here you have the choice between frame rate and graphics. It is recommended that you use the Medium Frame Rate setting and the Smooth Graphics setting to play PUBG Mobile without gameplay delay. While there are more powerful and better graphics setting options out there, you don’t have to be terrific to try it out and reduce the comfort of gaming.

Clean up RAM and apps in the background

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You may be playing PUBG Mobile without realizing it with RAM conditions Smartphone full so Games will feel a little lag which alias will crash and break. This is usually also caused by a lot of applications running in the background alias background of Smartphone You. To solve this problem, press the Recent Apps button on the navigation bar, then press the trash can icon or the cross to close any applications that were previously running to clean up the memory Smartphone You.

Use the Game Booster app

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The final step that you can try is using a game booster application to improve performance Smartphone Your Android, especially when it is used for gaming Games. Here you can use various existing applications Smartphone or download third-party apps from the Play Store. With this method, you can even play PUBG Mobile games on Android smoothly Smartphone Android with 1GB RAM.

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Shut down

This is an article on 5 ways to overcome them delay PUBG Mobile easily on your mobile phone. Are Vexa friends interested in the above method? or even there, see you next time.

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