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5 Ways To Get Free Tickets In Mobile Legends (ML)

Hi folks, today Mimin gives you a little guide on how to get free tickets for Mobile Legends (ML) quickly and easily, without any capital!

For those of you who are struggling to get tickets and want to get free tickets to the Mobile Legends (ML) game quickly and easily,’s explanation will really help, just go ahead, listen well!

  1. Open the medal chest
Open the medal chest
Open the medal chest

The first option is to open the medal chest. There is a medal chest feature on the Mobile Legends account dashboard that is reset every 24 hours. When opened, this golden chest gives prizes for various emblems, battle points, dust and also ML game tickets. However, unlike Mobile Legends emblems and battle points, there is a small percentage of tickets in this gold chest.

This order chest must be filled with medal points so that it can be opened when clicked. To get medal points you need to play a match. The full bar in the medal box depends on the medal points earned. The higher the medal you get, like MVP and Gold, the more the bar fills up.

2. Follow the daily rewards regularly

Daily rewards
Daily rewards

Get it through the daily quest function. To get tickets to this feature, you’ll need to complete the daily reward quest in it. Immediately look for quests that give tickets as rewards. However, completing this quest is not free. You need to purchase a Monthly Ticket Pass and a Weekly Ticket Pass to get free tickets to the Mobile Legends game.

3. Complete tasks

do the job
do the job

In addition to the daily reward function, there are also tasks in the daily quest function that can be completed in order to receive free tickets. Usually there are one to a maximum of three quests that reward tickets. Complete this quest as soon as possible as the time to complete this quest is short.

4. Participate in the mentoring program

Mentoring program

The final daily quest function is mentoring. You will need to join this program either as an apprentice or a mentor as there are many experience and familiarity prizes in addition to free tickets that you get when you complete the quest in the Mobile Legends game you ordered.

5. Open the free chest

free chest
free chest

Another chest on the dash is a vacant chest. Just like the medal chest, this free chest comes at a similar price. The probability of getting a ticket from this chest is the same. The difference between the two is how the chest is opened and when it is opened. There is no specific way to open free chests, just click on them. There is also a time when the chest opens every four hours.

The Starlight member feature offers players many prizes, from free to advanced paid prizes. You can get free ticket prizes easily as you just need to be a regular member in the Mobile Legends game.

Here are some easy ways to get your Mobile Legends tickets quickly and for free. Don’t forget to check out other articles on the list of the Most Expensive Skins in Mobile Legends! Keep following for the latest information on games, especially Mobile Legends Bang Bang.