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5 Ways To Get Free PUBG Cell Phone Gun Skins

5 Ways To Get Free PUBG Mobile Weapon Skins, PUBG Mobile games are famous so far not only for their unique and varied gameplay but also for the skins in this game.

The weapon skins in this game are displayed when many players request a variety of weapons. So weapon skins are provided by this game and are still being added so far.

Weapon skins from this game add no effect to your game and have nothing to do with your gameplay. The skin just makes your character more noticeable than the others.

You can purchase some of the game’s weapon skins using the UC that is already available. Of course, there are types of gamers who certainly don’t want to spend any money just to get this game’s weapon skin. Here are some 5 ways to get free PUBG Mobile weapon skins.

Here are 5 ways to get free PUBG cell phone gun skins

Complete achievements To get weapon skins PUBG Mobile

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The PUBG Mobile game has several achievements available for you to complete and receive various prizes. Some of these prizes for completing Achievements come in the form of permanent weapon skins that you can use in this game.

  • Shotgun Mastery IV: Win94 desert camouflage
  • Pistol Mastery IV: P92 desert camouflage
  • Assault Mastery IV: M416 desert camo
  • SMG championship: UZI desert camouflage
  • Sniper Championship IV: Kar98k Desert Camo
  • Melee Championship IV: NoHunting-Pan
  • Evo Tactician V: Timworm Pattern M24

And of course, there are many more that you can achieve through the accomplishments Tencent has brought to PUBG Mobile players.

Royale Pass

    PUBG Mobile weapon skins
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With the Royale Pass you get many interesting prizes and change every season. There will be plenty of PUBG Mobile weapon skins that you can get through the Free Royale Pass, although it won’t be as much as the Elite Royale Pass. Usually you can get this game’s weapon skin with a Royale Pass that is already level 60 if you use the free Royale Pass.


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Don’t forget about the different events and crates that you can potentially play every day. To be able to open boxes you need UC, but you can also open them with coupons that you can collect. Each crate has different types of prizes and one of them is a weapon skin which is very interesting. Of the different types of boxes that you can open, you will have to try them many times until you get the results you want.

PUBG Mobile weapon skins
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Another way to get free weapon skins is to visit the PUBG Mobile store redemption section. There are two legendary skins in the store, namely S686 and Scar-L, which you can of course exchange.

Exchange of silver fragments

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This silver fragment exchange feature has been around in the PUBG Mobile game for a long time. This Silver Fragments Swap menu is where you can swap out your Silver Fragments to get various items like Skins, Armon Skins, Effects, Parachutes, and some interesting items.

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