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5 secret COC tricks for new players

Clash Of Clans is one of the greatest casual mobile strategy games of all time. Like any other game, COC has to learn tons of tactics. While most of the tricks are fairly simple and easy to understand, there are actually some secret tricks that can allow players to significantly improve the game. Here are 5 secret COC tricks for new players.

Let’s check out COC’s secret tricks for beginners

Never miss an opportunity for ‘revenge’

5 secret COC tricks
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Revenge is an attack of revenge against an enemy base that has just attacked your base. Revenge is one of the secret tricks that gives COC players huge strategic advantages. Because you can easily win this counterattack. Because you have the option to see the appearance or shape of the enemy’s base defense first. If so, then you can determine the special forces and plan what kind of attack strategy you will carry out later.

Store elixir in barracks

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This trick is quite unique in that it uses barracks which should be used when recruiting troops. However, it can be converted into a temporary elixir storage area. If you recruit troops directly through the barracks, your elixir will be sucked in.

However, you can take the elixir back with no consequence or disadvantage. By breaking off the current troop recruitment process in the barracks. The elixir stored in these barracks is not emptied at all by other players attacking your base.

Focus on getting 1250 trophies

5 secret COC tricks
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Sweet Victory is an achievement with a reward of 450 gems that can be obtained by completing 1250 trophies in multiplayer battles. You can do this very easily. because there are no special requirements as to which base or player level you have to attack. That means you can attack small bases for a faster process.

You also don’t have to bother thinking about special strategies when attacking the base of players who are still weak. The most important thing is that you have to get 3 stars every time you do this attack.

Destroy mortars with lightning spell

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With the ability to do very painful damage at the same time, there are some great strategic advantages, many COC players consider anger to be the most powerful spell. In fact, Lightning has a power no less powerful than Rage.

Lightning is also very powerful when used to destroy level 4-5 mortars. With a fairly wide and even range of lightning attacks, it can help your troops destroy enemy bases quickly.

Save campaign for recent

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In addition to attacking other players ‘bases, you can also attack the goblins’ bases for decent resources. In this mode, nicknamed the campaign, you can get a total of 4.8 million gold and elixir by completing them all.

However, 3 million of them are in the last three levels which are very difficult to win for players with low troops. Finally, save the campaign until your troops reach a better level (such as level 4 or 5).

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This is the article on 5 secret COC tricks for new players. How is Vexa friend interested in the above trick? Or did you do the trick above? Until next time.

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