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5 heroes that only certain people can master

5 heroes controlled by specific people

Hmm, you got downgraded to Epic because of that incident, didn’t you? Hi hi hi ..
Cheers to the fight! This is where I have now relegated from Mitich to Legend.
Okay, you’ve surely seen that Mobile Legends heroes are cool and supposed to have magical passes. If you’re good at it, it’s easy to go wild
and bring the whole team to victory!
Yes, I know for sure, you can already imagine which heroes need great skills to control them. Later on, if there are heroes who you think will also need special skills, let’s try to discuss!

1. Fanny

fanny mlbb

Of course, this beautiful but deadly woman is a heroine who requires special super skills to be very good at it. If you’re good at accuracy, calculations, and quick logic, well … Fanny will be your favorite heroine for rooting out pests and praising your team like a teacher at handing out testimonials. Fanny, a character adaptation of the cartoon Attack on Titan. With skills, among other things, to fly here and there with his second skill. Where, the more ropes, the faster it flies. However, correct directions are required to get to the destination. Every time you hit the opponent’s hero, the vortex blade is activated. In fact, Mobile Legends also sets the level of difficulty with Fanny to the maximum.

2. Kagur

Kagura mlbb

Not far from Fanny’s fatal round, it turns out that there is also a Japanese Neng Geulis on the wizard’s side, namely Kagura. A magician character who uses an umbrella as his main weapon. Kagura has 3 active turns, each with additional turns. If you react quickly, you can get the most out of Kagura. Kagura’s first step can be a good initiator in opening war. Plus its ulti that can pull opponents back to where the umbrella was placed. In order to play optimally with Kagura, you need frequent habits, just like Fanny. Many of Indonesia’s best players are kagura aficionados. I think they fell in love with the character!

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3. Hayabusa

hayabusa mlbb

Hayabusa is the type of hero who often has to kidnap enemies with the help of his team’s gang. In the early game, Hayabusa still has painless damage. Therefore, Hayabusa has to farm long enough to reach levels 4 to 6. Building objects are of course also the key to Hayabusa’s size. Not only Hayabusa, Fanny and Kagura also depend on the build item. Accurate calculations are required to use Hayabusa, although not as complicated as with Fanny. However, if you are not good at seeing the enemy in 1 frame, you will ambush the enemy too late using skill combinations 2 and 3. And if you can’t do the right calculations about when to return with skill 2 and when it takes 3 skills to disappear during the attack, then you are going to die!

4. Wanwan

wanwan mlbb

This is the most popular hero in Indonesia, Wanwan. One of the sniper heroes with the same high Attack, Skill Effect, and Difficulty stats. However, it turns out that there are many wanwan users out there who say that using wanwan is quite difficult and that one needs to understand each application of the skill. In fact, Wanwan only reached a 60% win rate from the top players. Wanwan, has skill 1 as an enemy poke or eraser and can also mark enemies with their weaknesses which can activate their ultimate abilities. Skill 2, which instantly removes the effect of all crowd control from him, and Skill 3 as lethal damage, increases his attack speed. However, Wanwan tends to be weak early in the game. And the ultimate skill is pretty good, but it is difficult to activate as you have to activate the weakness first in order to activate the ultimate skill.

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5. Selena

Selena mlbb

Well, this Shadow Abyss Princess is known as an annoying heroine with her Abyssal Arrow ability. So Selena is a magician-type assassin who is difficult to describe as a versatile heroine. Basically, Selena is classified as damage magic. So he is indeed a hero position who is clearly a mage but a troublemaker when the opponent starts a fight. Selena’s ability, Skill 1, turns out to be able to see the enemy’s position by placing an abyssal trap so she can see the enemy’s position in order to dodge enemy gangs. Likewise with his 2nd ability. Allegedly stunned, up to 3 seconds, depending on the distance the fire arrow flew. And Selena’s passive voice is free to change its two forms. To become a professional gamer, Selena must be able to control the map by placing the Abyssal Trap and positioning the Abyssal Arrow to hit the target so that it can be eliminated, but that way it’s very difficult and very demanding high skill with the hero right when the war occurs.

It is clear what happens to these heroes? Challenged to move up your rank? Let’s go to MaBar! Hi hi hi ..

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