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5 Causes of Hacked WhatsApp Accounts and How to Anticipate Them

News of the arrest of Ravio Patra has become a hot topic in Indonesia lately. The reason is that he was arrested by the police on April 22, 2021 for distributing provocative messages via WhatsApp with calls for national looting on April 30. Although Ravio said through his Twitter account that his WhatsApp account was hacked by certain people. This message surely makes everyone concerned about the security of their WhatsApp account. Hence, we need to be vigilant when using social media, especially of hackers who can abuse it. Well Vexa friends, you need to know 5 causes of WhatsApp account hacked and how to anticipate them.

5 Causes of Hacked WhatsApp Accounts and How to Anticipate Them
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Know and anticipate the causes of hacked WhatsApp accounts

Vexa friends need to take proactive steps to keep your WhatsApp account safe. The trick is to find out 5 causes of WhatsApp account hacked and anticipate them. Let’s take a look at the following review

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1. WA number registered on another device

This method is carried out by hackers by accessing the WhatsApp account on another device with the user’s active WhatsApp number. In this way, hackers can restore chat history stored in user accounts. In addition, hackers can also obtain a verification code from WA when they take the user’s cell phone. This will register the user number on another device.

2. Use WhatsApp on other devices Device

The WhatsApp number used to log in on other devices such as PCs can be a loophole for hackers or hackers. In addition to being mobile, WhatsApp can also be accessed through a website on a PC called WhatsApp Web. Well, to find out if your WhatsApp account has been hacked, you can check by cell phone. The trick is to open the WhatsApp application, then click on the three line icon in the right corner and then click on WhatsApp Web. There you can check if other devices are using your account.

3. WhatsApp files hacked

This method is actually quite difficult and complicated as hackers are tapping WhatsApp media in the file manager. This technique can even be used to hack WhatsApp chats from users whose accounts are locked. Hackers try to transfer the user’s WhatsApp files to their device by using apps like Backup Text for WA and through email.

4th Duplicate number

According to Pratama Persadha, a cybersecurity researcher, hackers can duplicate user numbers to directly break into the victim’s WhatsApp account. However, the user or victim will know immediately after their account is hacked with a duplicated SIM card.

5. Fitur via link and GIF functions

Hackers can start their actions by sending links or moving images that actually contain malware. These viruses and malware are then used by hackers to take over other people’s WhatsApp accounts.

How to Anticipate WhatsApp Account Hacking

Now that you know the factors that led to the hacking of your WhatsApp account, you need to take preventive measures so that your Vexa friend’s WhatsApp account does not happen. How can you assume that WA accounts will not be hacked, namely

  • Don’t forget to log out after using WhatsApp
  • Configure WhatsApp with app lock
  • Activate functions Two-factor authentication for additional security with a PIN number
  • Update the WhatsApp app regularly
  • If the phone is lost or stolen, email the WhatsApp support team to temporarily disable the account

Shut down

You should be more careful with social media during this time. Many hackers try to abuse user accounts for various purposes. Well Vexa friends, this is a little overview of 5 causes of WhatsApp account hacked and how to anticipate them as knowledge for you. Stay vigilant buddy!

Source: CNN Indonesia, Kata Data, Tech Radar

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