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5+ best Midlaner heroes in Mobile Legends

Midlaner is one of the heroes who plays a very important role in playing Mobile Legends. Especially since the meta-hyper-carry became popular, the midlaner has become the only focal point that became the carry. There are many of the best 2021 Midlaner Heroes for you to use.

If you pay attention, the midlaner position can be filled by assassin heroes, marksmen, mages and even fighters. Over time, this midlaner hero filler has become more varied. Below are some of the best Midlaner heroes in 2021 that will help you rank up Mobile Legends.

1. Yi Sun Shin

With the latest makeover, Yi Sun Shin has become one of the top hyper-carry heroes, or midlaners. Even if he had several nerfs after the rebuild, but so far the Korean general is still used very effectively as a midlaner.

YSS has very terrible burst damage in the late game thanks to its passive abilities. This hero is also quite agile as he has abilities with both abilities. This hero is also very well suited to doing open vision with ultimate skills so that he can help himself or his colleagues.

2. Roger

The next best midlaner in Mobile Legends 2021 is The Werewolf or Roger. There is no denying that the burst damage caused by Roger is huge, especially when it hits the late game. Additionally, as a midlaner, Roger has a pretty complete ability for a hero.

Roger has very agile movements, high burst damage, and very high defense. Because of this, Roger was used extensively by the best Midlaner players of 2021 like Sanz and Wann in MPL Season 6.

If you are good at farming, your Roger is likely to be very dangerous in the late game. Especially when the support from the teammates is very good. Roger can really dominate in the late game despite dealing with assassins.

3. Harith

This agile magician reappeared as one of the best midlaners in 2021. Even if it’s not like it used to be, Harith’s current skills can still be used very well in the current meta. But one of the conditions that you have to meet is to get a blue buff no matter what.

Of course, to make Harith a dangerous midlaner you need excellent mechanical skills. Because that one hero requires very skilled mechanical skills to make him a dangerous midlaner.

Harith is a very agile hero and, thanks to his second ability, also has a very high level of defense. Although this is a mage hero who relies on skills, Harith’s basic attack in the late game is also very terrible. It is for this reason that many of Mobile Legend’s top midlaner players use this hero.

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4. Kimmy

Just like Harith, Kimmy is still very suitable as a midlaner. On top of that, this hero also got a buff in this last patch. But to play Kimmy’s hero you need very precise positioning and also have to get a blue buff to save energy.

By the time you hit the late game, that DPS from Kimmy is really annoying, gang. To be more effective, align Kimmy’s physique with magic rather than physicality. Some of the items that you can use are Glowing Wand and Blood Wings.

To be able to play Kimmy well, of course, you need very close cover. Some very good covers are Ruby and Khalid.

5. Ling

Ling’s popularity as the best midlaner seems to have waned after Moonton gave a nerf in recent updates. So that it is very difficult for players to play this one hero in the last patch. But when it’s in the right hands, Ling is still awful, gang.

Ling is a very agile assassin hero and can do terrible blast damage. One of the advantages of this hero is that he can dive straight backwards and target the opponent’s core hero like the archer. Even so, you have to be careful when you do it.

Ling also has an ability that uses his ultimate ability to make him immune to both damage and crowd control. So that it will be quite difficult even for laid-back heroes like Chou to overthrow a ling. But alas, gang, Ling is a hero who requires high mechanical skills.

6. Lancelot

After revising his passive skills, Lancelot also turned into an assassin who was once again prevalent. Because now this hero becomes more terrible when he is more agile in action. The better you can use Skill 1, the more damage Lancelot will do.

Lancelot has a very agile movement thanks to his first skill. Even this ability triggers his passive ability, which increases Lancelot’s damage. The damage of the second skill is also quite big, especially when the passive skill is also used heavily.

For the early to mid-game stages, Lancelot can actually dominate the game. But for the late game, its effectiveness decreases, especially when dealing with Roger, Uranus, and Esmeralda. So you should end the game as early as possible.

These are some of the best Midlaner heroes in 2021 to try and rank up Mobile Legends with. The above six heroes have also been widely used in the competitive Mobile Legends scene like MPL. It even appears often in Mythic of the higher levels, so it never hurts to try out one of the seven heroes mentioned above.

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