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4 Ways To Be Good At G36C PUBG Mobile, Auto Chicken Dinner!

4 Ways To Be Good At G36C PUBG Mobile You Must Know !. The PUBG Mobile G36C weapon is an exclusive weapon available on the Vikendi map. The characteristics of the G36C weapon are small, light, but accurate for close combat. G36C weapons in the PUBG Mobile game include weapons Assault rifle the bullets of caliber 5.56 mm are used. The number of bullets used is 30 shots. When you use Attachments, then Floor capacity that can be maximized to 40 floors. The shooting modes available for this weapon are singles and automobile. time reload from This weapon is also quite fast, namely up to 2 seconds.

To the Obsessed with damage, pThis weapon is the same as the M416 weapon. Both have so much damage 42. Then for fire rate G36C weapons have up to 60 with a stability level of up to 36. This weapon is considered lethal when shot at short to medium ranges. Of course, as a loyal player of the PUBG Mobile game, you’ve tried this weapon. Of course, when you use this weapon, it will not get the most out of it. Let’s check out four ways below that you can fully excel at the G36C PUBG Mobile Auto Chicken Dinner!

Control of weapon recoil from G36C

4 ways to be good at G36C PUBG

The first step you can take in using the G36C gun is to make sure you can control the recoil of the PUBG Mobile G36C gun. In fact, the PUBG Mobile G36C weapon does not have a large recoil. G36C weapons only have an upward recoil, and including this recoil, it is fairly easy for the player to control. To control this weapon, lightly hold down the direction of fire of the weapon so that your shot still hits the target or enemy. This method is very effective in controlling the recoil of the G36C weapon.

Pay attention to the ideal distance

As an AR weapon, the G36C is actually used for close and medium-range combat. To make it easier for you to sight targets at short or medium distances, you can use different types scope among other scope 3x or scope 2x. This type of rifle scope is designed to help you maximize mid-range weapons.

To make your recordings even more stable, you can also use the recording mode Automobile. mode automobile suitable for shooting distances of several tens of meters. If you’re forced to deal with enemies within 100 yards, you can scope 6x for maximum shots on G36C PUBG Mobile weapons.

Choose Attachments Preferably

4 ways to be good at G36C PUBG

There are many opportunities Attachments that you can pair with G36C weapons. It was explained above, there are scope 3x, scope 6x, or scope 2x that you can pair with G36C weapons. Also, to reduce the upward recoil of this weapon, you can Attachments. Attachments It is recommended to use Foregrip Vertical to reduce vertical recoil. Another accessory that can reduce recoil is another compensator that can make shots more stable.

Used effectively at the beginning of the battle

PUBG Mobile’s G36C weapon is very effective for use in early games. This gun performs pretty well in all sorts of situations. No additional accessories are required to maximize it at the beginning of the fight. You can use this weapon to fight the enemy more stably. In addition, you can continue to use this weapon in the middle of the game. With the note that additional accessories are required so that the G36C weapon remains reliable in PUBG Mobile.

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That’s the article 4 Ways To Be Good At The G36C PUBG Mobile Auto Chicken Dinner. Are you Vexa friends interested in using tricks in or? Or did you even use the trick above? Until next time.

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