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3 Reasons Why You Must Buy Hero Atlas

Reasons to Buy a Hero Atlas

Hi guys, welcome back to the Bangudinpro review, thank you guys!
Today I’m going to give you 3 reasons why we need to buy this hero atlas!

1. Thick HP
This hero atlas has it, so this is very important to you. The first reason you need to go for this hero atlas is because blood is immune and doesn’t die easily. So this reason appears because he’s a tank hero who has high durability and specializes in crowd control. Atlas has an ultimate skill called Fatal Links, so this skill can track enemies around it and even track 5 enemy heroes when they are nearby by throwing chains at all of the heroes and pulling the target towards it and them to the Destination throws in smackdown so, wow, that’s great !. So you have to be careful when you become an enemy of this Atlas hero.

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2. Has a Krank attack, even though the Hero Tanker
Well, the second reason is the early game Strong attack. So this Atlas Hero has decent damage. Even when using a build tank, the damage done by this Atlas hero is still pretty painful as his 1 annihilation skill hits the ground and causes 3 explosions. When Atlas leaves his mecha sentry, he and his mecha will spend the same annihilation. So all the skills contained in this atlas hero can do harm and provide slow and crowd control, so you absolutely have to buy this atlas hero. So don’t worry if you are attacked because the Atlas hero’s blood is thick and doesn’t die easily and that’s what makes Atlas heroes often in rank mode.

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3. Has a deadly ultimate
If you are anywhere near this Atlas hero be careful folks, they are afraid of being knocked down. Be careful, this atlas is like The Rock that can crush enemies and even all enemy heroes. Even if it doesn’t Strong, in combination with AOE heroes all enemy heroes are guaranteed to die, Ban Atlas !!!. You know what if your boyfriend breaks up with you guys, it will Strong when you break up with your boyfriend, what’s more about that atlas hero, i can’t imagine guys so you gotta have this hero atlas , Well, although this hero atlas is running slowly. So if you are attacked by an enemy just use Skill 2 which can run away quickly. So, despite the slow path, this Hero Atlas can still escape by using Skill 2 which can increase movement speed. Really great being able to tie the heroes of all enemy heroes and also run away easily, GG. It turns out that this hero atlas also has a weakness. Apart from a lot of pluses, he also has weaknesses, so all Sesakti heroes, no matter which heroes have weaknesses, here the weaknesses are fatal in my opinion, so never press ulty, because the ultimate ability is not a lock mode ability when you press the wrong key, Atlas is using this skill and the cooldown on the skill is quite long. And then when you have locked the enemy hero with the ultimate skill, use that skill quickly so that the enemy cannot escape and if you long press this skill, the enemy hero can be freed from this ultimate atlas hero skill. So this is it, so this is what you need to remember when using this Atlas hero’s ultimate ability. And even if you use this ultimate skill stun from Hero Stunner, your skill will be canceled. So your enemies don’t give a chance to escape or use their skills.

So these are the 3 reasons why you need to buy this hero atlas and I will also give you the advantages and disadvantages of this atlas hero. Hopefully helpful.
As powerful as anything else, it must have weaknesses, but weaknesses and there are some skills that we really pay attention to. So he also has a weakness, if you do, it is very fatal that you can be eliminated.
I hope the information I have provided is useful to you.

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