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3 Reasons Why Gacha In The Hu Tao Banner, Genshin Impact Players Need To Know – Hu Tao, the new Genshin Impact character officially unveiled. You can get gacha through the Wish banner redirected to this game by miHoYo.

As of this afternoon, February 3rd, 2021, the banner of Hu Tao was opened. The one in this banner also contains three * 4 characters that accompany this cute figure with the power of fire.

For your information, the gacha in the running banner increases the chances of receiving the offer. But that doesn’t mean there is any certainty of getting it.

Even in this Hu Tao banner, there is still a great chance of getting a companion character if you don’t get it. Namely Xiangling, Xingqiu, and Chongyun.

Meanwhile, many people expected Hu Tao himself. Even his presence made the previous keqing banner quieter, many saved Primogems for Hu Taos Gacha.

Hu Tao banner at Genshin Impact.  (miHoYo)
Hu Tao banner at Genshin Impact. (miHoYo)

Do you doubt this Hu Tao Gacha? The team has prepared 3 reasons for this.

1. You will need DPS Pyro

Hu Tao is a DPS with pyro elements, also known as fire, that uses polearms or spear weapons. This element is still the favorite in Genshin Impact, besides being strong, there are plenty of combinations too.

This new character will be dagame’s DPS Nuke, also known as the Great Attack Generator. But to do that it needs support and has to make sure Hu Taos HP is below 50 percent.

2. Cut out the * 4 mark in Hu Tao’s banner

There’s another interesting Genshin Impact character in this Hu Tao banner. Namely Xingqiu, currently the best hydro element support. Suitable as a tandem DPS Pyro or Elektro.

In addition, there is Xiangling that has a lot of potential, it could be DPS or Pyro support. There is also Chongyun who uses the Cryo element and a Claymore user.

3. Waifu

It is undeniable that the cuteness of the new character of Genshin Impact has caught the attention of many fans. It can be seen in the abundance of Hu Tao’s fanart before it was released.

If you really like cute characters, especially if you’re turning Hu Tao into a waifu, then consider spending Primogems on that character’s gacha. But remember that this banner is only available in limited quantities.

These are your three reasons for gacha on Hu Tao’s banner, not just getting new characters. Remember, your wallet doesn’t get too big to get.

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