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20 Strongest COC Level 8 Builder Hall Base, Anti Star 3

You can find multiple bases of the COC level 8 crafting hall. There are several options that you can choose to suit your taste. Starting from the base, which includes the most complex to the simplest. However, all bases are strong enough to withstand attacks from opponents. Give it a try, you will surely be surprised because your opponent will not get 3 stars easily. You must employ a strategy to penetrate the defenses of COCO’s level 8 crafting hall base. Below are some of the top 20 strongest level 8 COC anti-3-star masonry bases that Vexa friends can use.

Let’s take a look at the 20 strongest COC Level 8 Builder Hall Bases

Base 1

Craftsmen's hall, level 8

There are several levels in this base that make it difficult for your opponent’s troops to penetrate. This base also has various traps, both traps for ground units and traps for air units.

Base 2

If there are enemy troops, both ground and air units will attack your base. Then it becomes difficult with floor traps and air traps. The defense building in this base is also strong enough to attack your opponent’s troops.

Base 3

For this base, although it looks easy to attack, this base contains many traps. This trap will prevent your opponent’s troops from attacking this base.

Base 4

Craftsmen's hall, level 8

This base was divided into several sectors. This sector will make it difficult for your opponent’s troops to enter your base. Because in this sector there are strong defensive buildings and there are several traps.

Base 5

Craftsmen's hall, level 8

Almost the same as base 4, for this base it is also divided into sectors. But in this base there is a fishing building to split up your opponent’s army. After being provoked, you will receive an attack from the defense building in the middle of your base.

Base 6

In this base, many defense buildings have been gathered in the middle of the base. On the outside of the base there are plenty of traps and bait buildings for your opponent’s troops.

Base 7

Craftsmen's hall, level 8

Although this base looks easy to enter, this base has a lot of traps, especially at the entrance. In addition to traps, there is also a fishing building for opposing troops. Later, the enemy troops will be attacked by your defense building.

Base 8

The aim of this base is to provoke the attack of the opposing troops on the front of your base. So that the enemy troops only attack the front of your base. Your opponent’s troops are under attack from your defense building.

Base 9

Almost similar to Base 7, for this base it also looks easy to enter and there are plenty of traps for your opponent’s troops. In addition, there are also plenty of fishing rods and defensive buildings to attack the enemy troops.

Base 10

The same goes for base 7, for this base it also seems easy to attack, especially when attacking its bra. But before the opposing troops reach the BH building, there is already a destroyer building that will easily attack your opponent’s troops.

Base 11

In this base looks at once. It is intended to make it easier for the bait to attack through the defense building. So that the enemy troops have difficulty attacking your base.

Base 12

When you see this base, you definitely think that it is easy to receive attacks from enemy troops. But don’t worry, there are already many traps for the entrance and there are defensive structures.

Base 13

The same goes for base 12, there are many different traps for this base. In addition, there are many defensive buildings that attack enemy troops from the center of the base.

Base 14

Craftsmen's hall, level 8

There are many carelessly scattered defense structures for this base. This base will be able to attack the opposing forces by splitting up and attacking the opposing forces.

Base 15

Just like base 10, this base has destroyer buildings that destroy enemy troops that invade the center of the base to destroy your bra.

Base 16

Craftsmen's hall, level 8

For this base it is similar to base 15. But there are many anglers’ buildings at this base. Which later, after being provoked, is later attacked by the defense building.

Base 17

If you look at this base, there will be a lot of buildings scattered outside the base wall. The existence of this building is aimed at attracting the opposing troops so that they do not attack the base directly and you can destroy them through defensive buildings.

Base 18

On that one base there are many layers of base walls. This layer of wall protects your base from attack by enemy forces. In addition, there are defense buildings and traps that attack your opponent’s troops.

Base 19

For this base it looks normal. But there are many traps and destroyer buildings at this base so that the enemy troops can be destroyed before attacking BH.

Base 20

Craftsmen's hall, level 8

If you look closely, this base is actually open. But this base will attack the enemy troops through your defensive building. Your opponent’s troops are instantly destroyed.

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That is item 20 of the toughest anti 3 star COC level 8 bricklayer indoor bases you can use. Are Vexa friends interested in using this base? Until next time.

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