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20+ Base TH 6 Strongest COC 2021 Hybrid & Trophy

City Hall or TH building is one of the levels of the COC game. When playing COC, the structure of TH is an important aspect. Having a high TH will give you a lot of buildings that can be used while playing COC games. This article discusses the basic composition of TH 6 COC.

In the town hall (TH) level 6 has 42 buildings, consisting of defense and attack buildings. In order for you to be able to build town hall level 6, you need 750,000 gold and you have to wait 4 to build this TH 6. After completing the upgrade from TH 6, you will receive a price of 587 XP. The following is an explanation of TH 6 base formation.

Let’s look at the base formation of TH 6 COC. on

Base 1

basis TH6 coc

There is an arrangement of buildings in this base that will make it difficult for your opponent’s troops. Your opponents will certainly have a hard time as attack or defense buildings are scattered around. It’s also a defensive wall.

Base 2

For this base, on the outside of the defensive wall, there are many fishermen’s buildings for opposing troops. So that your opponent’s troops don’t attack your base directly. Your base will be protected from attack by your opponent’s troops.

Base 3

Just like Base 2, this Base also has an anglers’ building outside the wall. However, this base has a maze-like shape that will confuse your opponent’s troops.

Base 4

basis TH6 coc

There are sectors in this base that will worry your opposing forces. Because in this sector there is an attacker building at every sector level. The building can defeat your opponent’s troops.

Base 5

This base is designed to protect your base from attacks by your opponent’s troops at the front and rear. You can see that there are protective structures or attackers on the front and back.

Base 6

basis TH6 coc

For this base it is similar to base 4 which is the same sector. There are other defense or attack buildings in this base. But on the side this base also has a strong defense.

Base 7

In addition to this base, which has a sectored shape, this base has a weak section. But this base section is actually a fisherman for the opposing troops. The enemy troops can and will receive attacks from traps and defensive buildings.

Base 8

This base has a sector shape, but this base can attack the enemy forces’ air forces. This base also has a strong defense building to protect your TH6.

Base 9

Even if this base looks easy to receive attacks from enemy troops. This base has a strong building and will make it difficult for enemy troops. In addition, this base also has many traps.

Base 10

The aim of this base is to further strengthen the front of your base. So that your base TH 6 protects more securely. You can see at the base that the front of this base has a lot of defense buildings in the front of the base.

Base 11

basis TH6 coc

In addition to protecting the front of the base, this base also serves the purpose of protecting the back of your base. You can see of the many and strong buildings of your defense. This is how your TH is protected.

Base 12

If you look at this base, it has a box shape that makes it easy to intercept an opponent’s attack. But don’t worry, the opposing troops will have trouble. You can tell by the number of traps and defensive buildings that can be your base.

Base 13

Basis TH 6

In this base, it has a sectoral shape that aims to protect gold buildings, elixir buildings, and TH buildings. You can see of the many defense buildings and attack buildings that surround the building.

Base 14

In fact, the shape of this base is unique from the others. But don’t forget that this base is strong. You can tell by the strength of the base defensive wall and the defensive or attack building.

Base 15

In this base has a strong defensive wall and can protect your TH from enemy attack. In addition, this base also has a strong defense building.

Base 16

basis TH6 coc

In fact, this base has many types of defense buildings, attackers and anglers. But this base is strong enough for your opponent’s troops to penetrate.

Base 17

This base is in the shape of “LOVE”, but don’t get me wrong. This base has great power to protect your TH. You can see it from the defensive walls and defensive buildings.

Base 18

basis TH6 coc

In this maze-shaped base, it seems easy to intercept your opponent’s attack. But don’t get me wrong, the base is strong. Every street in this base has traps and defensive buildings that attack your opponent’s troops.

Base 19

It looks unique to this base because there is a large open entrance. But don’t get me wrong, it is a trap because there are many traps and many defensive buildings attacking the enemy.

Base 20

This is a base that is considered strong as it has the strongest defensive wall on the base. In addition, there are also strong defensive buildings.

Base 21

basis TH6 coc

You don’t have to worry about enemy troops approaching your base. Because outside the walls there are already a lot of traps that attack the opposing troops.

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This is the strongest TH 6 COC base that you need to know. Are you Vexa friends interested in using the base formation? or even already use it? Until next time.

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