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13 Ways To Get Battle Points In Mobile Legends

Battle Point (BP) makes the world of Mobile Legends (ML) even more fun, right? Battle Points are the main currency in the game. Along with diamonds, fragments, and tickets, Battle Points (BP) can be used to purchase many things. The most important commodity that can be bought with Battle Points are heroes. And this time, Kabar Games will discuss how to get Battle Points (BP) quickly, easily and for free in Mobile Legends.

Since you can buy almost any hero with BP in Mobile Legends, it is important to learn how to get more Battle Points in a short amount of time. Fortunately, Kabar Games has summarized all possibilities here to get Battle Points in Mobile Legends (ML) quickly and easily legally without cheats, and of course for free! Just look at it right away.

Open free chest

How to get Battle Points in Mobile Legends - Open Free Chest

The fastest and easiest way to get Battle Points is to open free chests often, don’t let them miss you every day. Free chests are available every 4 hours and can be collected up to 2 times in a day so don’t miss out.

It is important to know that Free Chests not only contain Battle Points (BP), Free Chests often also contain Emblems, Fragments and Magic Dusts, which of course are very valuable if you just miss them.

Unlock medal chests

Open the medal chest

Adjacent to the free chest there is something called a medal chest. These are chests that can only be opened by participating in games. The more games you win and participate in, the faster you can unlock them. The medal chest is available every 12 hours and often stays up late to watch the medal chest. It is important to note that medal chests not only contain battle points, but also contain emblems, fragments and magic dust, and also contain better rewards than free chests.

Claim daily rewards

How to Get Battle Points in Mobile Legends - Claim Daily Rewards

The Daily Rewards tab is a treasure trove of battle points. You can try to complete the tasks listed here every day and receive Battle Points for doing so. The tasks listed in the Daily Rewards are as follows:

  • Registration
  • Complete 1 game
  • Complete 3 games
  • Win 1 game
  • Win 2 games
  • Get 25 kills or help
  • Destroy 4 enemy towers
  • Kill Lord / Turtle 3 times
  • Upgrade emblem set 1 time
  • Share game 1 time
  • Complete 1 game in Brawl Mode
  • Win 3 games in ranked mode
  • Complete 2 games with friends
  • Win 1 game with friends (Classic / Rank)
  • Complete 2 battles with your squad colleagues
  • Spend 400 Battle Points today
  • Spend at least 1 ticket today.
  • Give 1 Diamond from Diamond today
  • Starlight members can collect rewards by logging in daily

You can collect Battle Points up to four times in daily rewards. There are four levels, each of which offers a cumulative amount of Battle Points.

  • Level 1 – 30 combat points (BP)
  • Level 2 – 40 combat points (BP)
  • Level 3 – 60 combat points (BP)
  • Level 4 – 100 combat points (BP)

On top of that there is the Weekly Activity Score which gives you access to two chests with all kinds of rewards that can contain BAttle Points, but that’s once you hit 400-800 Weekly Activity Scores.

Maintain creditworthiness

If you can play the game well for a week, you likely have a credit score of 90 or more. You will receive Battle Points in the mail and a cumulative increase if you play frequently. The highest limit on Battlefield Rewards that can be received by keeping your credit score at 90 or higher is 7,500 Battle Points in Mobile Legends.

On the other hand, if you’ve been bad all week by showing things like AFK behavior, failing to acknowledge before a game, or causing harassment that results in other players reporting you, you decrease the chances of Earning Battle Points and the highest Battlefield reward limit.

Always check your inbox

How to Get Battle Points in Mobile Legends - Always check your inbox

Ever stopped looking in your inbox? If so, then you are missing a lot! The Mailbox or Inbox in Mobile Legends is not just a place to collect news, updates, announcements, and player reviews. At some point, the developers of the game system and Mobile Legends often send prizes in the form of Battle Points.

Did you notice the ‘button’?Claim all‘at the bottom right of the inbox window? This is a button that allows you to claim all unclaimed rewards at once, including Battle Points. The rewards can come from new updates, maintenance messages, game allowances, seasonal rewards, and high credit tips.

Browse in the event hall

Browse in the event hall

The event hall has a lot to offer. From many special orders to different types of events, the entire hall is extremely volatile and dynamic every week. Starting with playing with friends to answering pop quizzes about games. Events include drawing competitions for prizes or winning games for special items that you can exchange for prizes such as tickets and Battle Points (BP) in Mobile Legends.

Unlock achievements

Unlock achievements

There are many achievements that can be earned in the Mobile Legends game and this is a way to get the highest Battle Points (BP) that you can get. Otherwise, the interesting thing about achievements is that all achievements in Mobile Legends are rewarded! Rewards can be battle points, fragments, magic dusts or emblems.

Spin lucky spin

How to Get Battle Points in Mobile Legends - Play Lucky Spin

You can find the Lucky Spin function in the Shop tab. In Lucky Spin you can ‘begin‘Free for the first time every few days. After pressing ‘begin‘the roulette spins and randomly gives you one of the listed prizes. Experience has shown that the Battle Points price in Mobile Legends that you get from Lucky Spin (if you’re lucky) is 300. Other prizes are: Magic Dust, Emblem Package, Fragment Hero, Test Package with Skins, Heroes and Mobile Legends Skins.

Use the Double Battle Points card

Use double battle points

You can get double battle point cards of different types and durations. There is a 1-win double battle point card, 1-day double battle point card, 3-day double battle point card, and many more. However, they all have one thing in common – they can double the Battle Points you earn! In addition, the map can also increase battle points, whereby in Mobile Legends you can collect a maximum of 1,500 battle points for a week.

Selling unusable items

Selling unusable items

There are times after the game ends and all of a sudden you get unnecessary items in your inventory. These items may contain special items that were exclusive to trading or rewards during the previous game. But did you know that some items in particular are not wasted as you can sell these items for some battle points. On average, you can sell these items for around 30 BP each.

Use test hero cards

Use test hero cards

Trial Hero Cards can be found in your inventory. This card can be used for temporary use of heroes and hero skins that you don’t have. However, if you already have a hero or hero skin from the test card that you want to use, it will be converted into 30 Battle Points Mobile Legends (ML) instead.

Become a Starlight member

Become a Starlight member

While this method isn’t entirely free, one of the many perks of becoming a Starlight member is getting additional Battle Points (BP) that you get after every battle in Mobile Legends. As a Starlight member, you will receive additional Battle Point rewards at the end of each battle, as shown in the image above.

Play Mobile Legends as often as possible

Joe Handaya Zoid_16

In fact, this method is not a secret way to get Battle Points easily and quickly in Mobile Legends. “The more you play Mobile Legends, the more Battle Points you get.” Each game mode you play gives you a certain amount of Battle Points (MP). If you are a player with a good credit score (i.e. 90 or more), you can earn a maximum of 7,500 Battle Points (BP) per week in the Mobile Legends game.

Obviously, playing as often as possible is still the best way to get free Battle Points (BP) in Mobile Legends quickly and easily. Advice from Kabar Games, you should limit the number of Battle Points you can get so that the game doesn’t get too tiresome.

Now let’s break down the maximum number of Battle Points that can be obtained in the Mobile Legends game:

  • You can earn a maximum of 7,500 BP per week by participating in games
  • Having a card with double battle points allows you to increase the speed at which you gain BP and the maximum limit by 1,500. increase
  • You can earn 500bp per week if you have a credit score of 90 and above
  • You can get 0 to 2,000 BP by simply opening chests and doing daily chores
  • You can get 0 to 2,000 BP from special events and promotions
  • With maximum effort, you can collect around 15,000 BP per week!

So this was a quick and easy way to get Battle Points (BP) for free in the Mobile Legends game. Don’t hesitate to comment below if anyone missed the method. Stay up to date with the Game News so that you get the latest news about your favorite games only here!