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10 Ways To Overcome Delays While Playing Mobile Legends, Powerful And Easy!

Do you keep losing playing Mobile Legends due to lag? Follow these tips to overcome the red ping so that it goes smoothly while you play!

For those who play mobile legends a lot, there can often be red ping delays while playing. In any game, this problem is very annoying and often makes you lose.

The most annoying thing is when the connection is 4G + but mobile legends are still lagging. In fact, this is often the case, and many gamers don’t know how to handle it. Well, in order to play Legends mobile games smoothly, LigaGame gives you simple and powerful tips.

Fix PING and increase FPS by following these steps to stop your MLBB games from lagging!


Simple tips to overcome Mobile Legends lag in gaming

1. Download the Game Booster app

Game accelerator
Image source: XiaoMi

Game Booster application is Android ping fix application that is widely used by professional gamers. Examples you can use are UU Game Booster and PING GAMER.

The way this application works is to close all programs in the background.

Game Booster doesn’t increase FPS, but it can overcome lags in games by collecting temperature and memory data and then using it to speed up game performance in terms of graphics, battery, and more.

2. Change the settings in the Mobile Legends application

Mobile Legends 2021 settings

Some settings in Mobile Legends are set for the maximum gaming experience. However, some of these options are not mandatory and may even result in game lag on certain types of mobile specs. For those of you who are suffering from slowness, you can try following these steps.

Change the rules in the settings as follows:

  • Basics> Contours> OFF
  • Basics> Skin Vibration> OFF
  • Basics> HD Mode> OFF
  • Basics> HFR Mode> ON
  • Basics> Shadows> OFF
  • Basics> Damage Text> OFF (if the delay is severe).
  • Basics> Color Blind Filters> OFF
  • Basics> Optimize FPS> ON (Most Important!)

3. Clean Mobile RAM Clean

Aries Mobile
Clean mobile RAM

When the mobile RAM is full, your gaming can also be slow. Cleaning will stop any unused applications from running. Hence, RAM and Network focus only on Legends mobile applications.

  1. For iPhone 7 and older iPhone models: Press the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds.
  2. For iPhone models 8 and higher: Activate touch support via Settings> Accessibility> Touch> Touch support> ON. Then go to Settings> General> Shutdown. When the slide to turn off appears, click the Assistive Touch button. Press and hold the ‘Home’ button until the iPhone flashes and returns to the home screen.
  3. For Android: Settings> Maintenance> RAM> Clean Now.

Don’t forget to manually close any unused apps as well.

4. Clear the MLBB cache


Cache files that build up or become corrupted can slow down the system and cause delays in the game. To clear the mobile legends cache, click Settings> Storage> Mobile Legends app> Clear cache. This makes your game faster overall.

5. MLBB game updates

Mobile Legends is suddenly lagging behind? One of the mistakes a lot of people make is being lazy about updating game applications. Although some updates can be done the first time you open a game application, it is better to update them directly from Google Play or the App Store as well. The data on your mobile phone is synchronized with the patch data on the server.

6. Make sure the WiFi is stable or use a 4G connection

WLAN mobile data

Surely everyone knows that an unstable internet connection can be the main reason behind the lag in your Mobile Legends game. Or maybe you share the WiFi with other people streaming or downloading large files.

One option is to upgrade or replace the WiFi (choose a fiber connection for best results) or use cellular data. Make sure the signal is strong and the 4G connection is not slow.

7. Improve performance mode on mobile devices

Performance mode Android

Some androids allow you to set performance mode or performance mode. Usually the mode is set to normal by default so that the battery does not run out quickly. However, for gaming, you should increase it to performance mode.

8. Switch off the battery saving function

Battery saving
Image source: Apple

Similar to step 8, some cell phones like the iPhone have a battery saver option to save battery. This setting is usually activated automatically when the mobile phone is in a low battery condition. This setting can cause delays in the game. So make sure you change the rules to OFF when playing Mobile Legends.

However, some phones also slow down when they have a low battery. So it is best not to play when it is lowbat. Charge it first, then play again!

9. Do not play while Cas

If you use the mobile phone while it is charging, the temperature of the mobile phone will rise. In this case, the HP processor will automatically slow down and cause delays.

Sometimes the smartphone can suddenly heat up if it is used for too long or if heavy applications are running. One solution is to turn off the phone for a while until the temperature returns to normal. Or use the Phone Cooler application which can optimize the phone when the temperature starts to rise.

10. Uninstall mobile apps

uninstall app

Many smartphones slow down when their internal memory or internal storage (ROM) is full or more than 80%. This storage is used to store files in the form of system applications, data like photos, videos, and any downloaded applications.

Check the internal memory of your smartphone. When the capacity is almost full, delete any unused data or files. Also delete the trash folder! You can also move data to a computer or SD card if you find it too bad deleting them.


Mobile Legends game still slow?

If you’ve followed the above method and you’re still experiencing lag issues, it may be due to a problem with the live server. Also, this problem sometimes results in the application crashing or suddenly closing.

Unfortunately, this cannot be remedied by gamers, it must be done by the game developers themselves. The good news is that Moonton always tries to minimize these issues in order to provide the best gaming experience.

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