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10 quick ways to increase your Free Fire (FF) rank to master

How to quickly increase Free Fire (FF) rank to Master, despite the fact that Garena has long presented the gaming experience Battle Royale on the device Cell phone, mobile phone by letting go Free fire. Of course, not everyone experienced the fun Free fire. Some of you may not have tried this game in a long time. Well if you are a new gamer Free fire, here are various tips that you should be doing in this game!

Let’s see how to quickly increase the rank of FF (Free Fire)

1. Do not land in crowded places

how to increase ff rank quickly
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Of course, as a new player to this game, there are a lot of things that you need to learn in the game Free fire. Experiencing confusion the first time you play this game is a natural thing. You also need time to understand how to play this game.

One of the ways to freely learn how to work in. plays Free fire is to choose a landing site that is quiet from other players. Because you don’t have to worry if you hit the enemy too early if you are still confused about controlling the character. In addition, you can also collect prey as much as possible in this quiet place.

2. Collect items the important one

Free fire items
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Loot is one of the most important elements in the game Battle Royaleincluding Free fire. By collecting different items in the game you can be better prepared for battle on the battlefield. So activity prey the maximum, you need to find a backpack to accommodate different ones first items that you collect.

Unfortunately, not all players can find level 3 or level 4 backpacks in this game. You should be able to sort anywhere items what you need to save and what time you do not need to save. Do not fill your backpack with different ones items that you don’t really need to play this game.

3. Maintain communication with teammates

how to increase ff rank quickly
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Like game Battle Royale on others, Free fire can be played in three game modes, namely Solo, Duo and Squad. If you choose to play the Duo or Squad game mode, collaboration and coordination with teammates is certainly an important key to achieving “Booyah” in this game.

You can use the functions to maximize your communication with teammates Voice chat In Free fire. Compared functions Chat, the coordination between you and your teammates can be clearly described by Voice chat. You also don’t have to type when communicating with teammates.

4. Don’t feel like beating your opponent

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It will surely take time for new players to understand how to master weapons and how to shoot. One thing to remember is the game’s master key Battle Royale As with Free Fire, you have to survive, not earn kill as many enemies as possible.

If you are unsure of yourself in your shooting skills, avoid rioting or playing blindly during the game. Make technique camping and hide as best you can so you are not easily found by enemies. You can still get “Booyah” in-game, you know, even if you don’tkill many enemies.

5. Use rocks and trees to hide

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In order to avoid other enemies, you definitely need to find a suitable place to hide. However, a safe zone doesn’t always lead you to a place that has many hiding spots. There are times when the safe zone directs you to open land.

When directed to an open land, you can use stones and trees to hide from enemies. But you have to keep in mind that you must always keep an eye out if you want to hide in these objects. Because your whole body is not completely covered when you hide in rocks and trees.

6th Use main weapons

Games like Free Fire have many types of weapons. So it will be difficult for you if you do not know other weapons. Therefore, you need to use the main weapon that you have mastered.

7th Understand your drop place

how to increase ff rank quickly

You need to understand and understand where to put. Based on time, place and position. So it will help you.

8th. You can use the camping strategy

how to increase ff rank quickly

The camping strategy is one that will always keep you safe. Because you only stay in one place. This camping is often viewed as a cowardly strategy by other players, but it doesn’t matter if you want to do it. You need to prepare items and the equipment you have should be sufficient.

9. Pay attention to the map

You should always pay attention to the map when playing Free Fire. This card will help you play the game. You’ll need to move around when the map looks safe and hide when cornered.

10. Don’t be sloppy

how to increase ff rank quickly

Carelessness will not help you ascend. Because you have thought about cause and effect in all of your gambling decisions.

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Well, these are the tips on how to get Vexa friends up the rank of Free Fire (FF) quickly. Are you interested in the various tips above? Until next time.

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