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10 Mobile Legends heroes are no longer useful in Push Rank Season 14 | Games – Don’t feel Mobile legends entered season 14. Many changes are made through constant updates, especially the addition of new heroes in each role. Every newly released hero must have a superiority ability in order to become a new META in the game. Total now the number of heroes in the game Mobile legends is as much as 90.

However, the increasing number of new heroes that emerge will surely forget some old heroes and make them no longer useful due to no longer attractive skills, low damage and weak stamina. Well in this article, TeknoGeng is going to provide the information, check it out Yes :

List of 10 Mobile Legends heroes who are no longer useful in Push Rank Season 14:

Make sure you don’t choose any of the following heroes in ranked play if you don’t want your teammates to read it.

1. Argus

10 useless heroes in Mobile Legends season 14

While Argus is a pretty good fighter in terms of skill effects and damage, the ultimate ability that should be a mainstay actually has him to be one useless because now almost all players know how to deal with it. Even if this hero was unfortunately buffed by Moonton.

2. Hilda


In the previous season Hilda was still quite popular, but in season 14 she fell into disuse and useless because the damage is not painful as a fighter and his defense is not as strong as a tanker.

3. Balmond


Just like Hilda, Balmond is a responsible hero too, so that players will forget and be forgotten useless. His ability to clear Lane and Ngutan is actually pretty good, but when it comes to team fights, Balmond becomes a strain on the team. Another is that the skills are already less attractive to new tankers like Masha. In addition, the role of Fighter Balmond is only complementary.

4. Karina


Because the habit of killing garbage makes Karina very hated, not only by the opposing team, but also by her teammates, who are annoyed because they don’t get a share. Also because other assassins are now more popular than him, Ling in particular, who was fired some time ago, has managed to steal the hearts of the role assassin users.

5. Saber


In addition to Karina, Saber is also a victim in season 14. In terms of skill, this hero is pretty good as he is able to pick up the targeted opponent’s hero, but spell cleansing makes him one useless. Its very poor durability also makes players prefer other assassins.

6. Curse


If you want to form a pusher team, Bane’s participation is mandatory as his tower stealing ability is pretty good. But when it comes to team fights, don’t put your hopes on this one hero because the damage it has is not painful and it becomes useless.

7. Eudora

10 useless heroes in Mobile Legends season 14

In terms of damage done, Eudora is actually still a pretty sick hero, but in Season 14 it seems that the user mage is back to like the agile mage hero, so Eudora loses competitiveness with other mages to become Eudora heroes useless like Harith, Lunox and Kagura.

8. Sun


The Sun users who still survive seem angry, but the fact is, Sun is a hero in season 14 that it is useless because many have realized that his skills are not profitable for the team but for the enemy because his shadow skills actually make it easier for enemy heroes to collect gold and level up.

9. Rafaela


Hero support is indeed the hero rarely used by players, usually the team composition is tank, sniper, fighter, assassin and mage. Even if you have to use a prop, Rafaela won’t do that useless because he didn’t feel any better than Angela, Estes, and Diggie.

10. Zilong

10 useless heroes in Mobile Legends season 14

At the lower tier, Zilong can still be used a lot, especially by players who don’t have enough battle heroes yet useless these. However, players who are already in the upper tier may never see Zilong again in this Season 14 game as Zilong is no longer useful due to its less damage than other fighters.

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So this is the list of 10 useless Hero Mobile Legends in Season 14, you agree? gens?

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