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10 highest lifeblood hero in Mobile Legend

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Today I am sure to provide more information on Mobile Legends. This time around, we’re going to discuss the top 10 Lifesteal heroes and their build recommendations for Season 17 of Mobile Legend.

Here are the 10 tallest life-stealing heroes in Mobile Legends

1. Yu Zhong

Hero Yu Zhong ml

This first high lifestyle hero has a hero Yu Zhong. Yu Zhong is a fighter hero who specializes in high damage rain damage and high life robbery. Yu Zhong has skill 1, which can cause damage to the area in a short time with his cloak. Yu Zhong also has Ability 2, which releases Dragon Soul, dealing physical damage, and slowing effects on the enemy. In addition, Yu Zhong has Ability 3 that can jump into a predetermined area, dealing physical damage and causing an airbone effect to the enemy it hits. Yu Zhong also has the ultimate ability that can transform into Black Dragon mode and gain immunity to crowd control, ignore obstacles, increase max HP and cause a knockback effect when the opponent’s hero is in the way. Upon exiting Black Dragon mode, Yu Zhong enters Dragonoid mode for 10 seconds, and during this mode, Yu Zhong gains an increase in distance and abilities through all of his abilities.

Build Yu Zhong

Item Hero Yu Zhong ml

2. Thamuz

Hero Thamus ml

This second high lifestyle hero has a hero Thamus. Thamuz is a fighter hero specializing in Reap Burst Damage with exceptional life-sealing skills. Thamuz has Skill 1 which can increase movement speed after use and increase physical attacks and give enemies slow effects. In addition, Thamuz has the ultimate ability which, when activated, can give him a high lifesteal effect. Thamuz can continually restore HP when dealing damage when the ultimate skill is active, making Thamuz hard to beat. Thamuz can be placed as a side line offliner to defend the tower or look for ways to disrupt enemy lines. For this level of difficulty, Thamuz is not difficult by using his skills. Thamuz can do damage and give it a lifesteal effect if Thamuz has a fairly high shelf life so that it is not easy to hit.

Build Thamuz

thamuz hero item ml

3. Alucard

Hero Alucard ml

This third high lifestyle hero has a hero Alucard. Alucard is a fighter hero who has a very high life-stealing ability. Alucard has a skill that can jump through walls here and there, the name is really cool if an opponent is standing next to you and you accidentally tap on the auto attack and are ultimately eliminated, so that the Alucard user is often underestimated by the feeder . Alucard has the ultimate ability that can increase life steal by up to 100% when attacking your opponent. This skill is the most powerful damage skill. Try to use an additional ulty attack when the ulty alucard duration is nearing the end so that the lifesteal effect can be used to the maximum. This enables Alucard to restore its dying HP to full. The game of Hero Alucard is quite simple, removing his skills, he can always approach his enemies quickly and nimbly. In addition, at the beginning of the player it also includes a hero who is very fast in farming. That makes Alucard a creepy hero fighter.

Build Alucard

Hero Alucard ml

4. Roger

Hero roger ml

This fourth high lifestyle hero has a hero Roger. Roger is a medium difficulty sniper fighter. Roger has Ability 1 that can shoot enemies to slow enemies and deal damage. Roger also has Skill 2, which can temporarily increase movement speed. In addition, Roger has the ultimate ability to transform into a wolf to attack aggressively. This transformation into a wolf can be used to inflict high damage on opponents.

Build Roger

roger ml hero items

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5. Ruby

Hero Ruby ml

This fifth high lifestyle hero has a hero ruby. Ruby is a main battle tank hero who specializes in crowd control and has exceptional life-sealing skills. Ruby has ability 1 which can slash forward with her scythe and cause a slow effect on the enemy it hits. Additionally, Ruby has the ultimate ability that can attract enemies and cause a stun effect. So you can use this skill for open warfare. Try to attract all the enemies so that your friends can attack the enemy.

Ruby build

ruby ml hero items

6. Moscow

moskov heroes ml

This sixth High Lifesteal Hero has a hero Moscow. Moskov is a sniper hero who is very agile and difficult to pin down due to his extraordinary abilities. Moskov’s physical penetration and damage will increase as the level increases. Moscow’s most important ability is being able to attack enemies in a line at the same time. As one of the core heroes, Moskov is indispensable in a team to be able to take down enemies quickly. Since moskov has a low durability, avoid fighting as much as possible by being behind a tank and always keeping a distance from the enemy. In a battle, the most common combinations of Moskov skills are Skill 1, Skill 2, Skill 3.

Build Moscow

moskov hero objects ml

7. Balmond

Hero balm ml

This seventh High Lifesteal Hero has a hero Balmond. Balmond is a tank destroyer hero with fairly high durability and offense, recently upgraded by Moonton. For the level of difficulty Balmond it is very easy to switch in the given direction with skill 1 and this skill in the buff further changes the distance. Balmond also has Skill 2 that can continuously damage nearby enemies, and that skill is also a buff in terms of damage, so this 2 Balmond skill will be more painful for the time being. In addition, Balmond has the ultimate skill, which in the future in the form of a fan can quickly inflict True Damage to a predetermined area and inflict high and slow damage to the enemy hit.

Build Balmond

Balm ml

8. Argus

Hero Argus ml

This eighth High Lifesteal Hero has a hero Argus. Argus is a fighter hero who specializes in Change Chest Damage that has pretty high durability and is easy to use. When Argus takes or deals damage, his sword is strengthened and the less HP Argus, the greater the damage Argus can inflict on his enemy. Argus has Skill 1 that can be used to approach enemies and can also use this skill to escape when HP dies. Argus also has Ability 2 which can do great damage and not only does a lot of damage but can also be used to increase movement speed by following in the victim’s footsteps. Additionally, Argus has the ultimate ability that transforms into a fallen angel offering immunity from death. The percentage of damage taken during this ultimate duration is converted into Argus’ HP.

Build Argus

hero argus ml item

9. Alice

Hero Alice ml

This ninth high lifestyle hero has a hero Alice. Alice is a hero mage who specializes in batch rain and has a high life steal. Alice has Ability 1 that can fire Blood Stream in a predetermined direction and inflict magical damage on the enemy. Use this skill again to instantly teleport to the location of the bloodstream. In addition, Alice has Ability 2 that can deal magical damage to nearby enemies, causing them to immobilize. Alice also has the ultimate ability to go into bloodsucking mode for 5 seconds to deal magical damage to nearby enemies while also regenerating her HP.

Build Alice

Hero Alice ml

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10. Dyrroth

Hero Dyrroth ml

This tenth high lifestyle hero has a hero Dyrroth. Dyrroth is a fighting hero who has pretty high durability and has a combo skill that can eliminate enemies on its own. For the level of difficulty, Dyrroth is very easy to use by triggering 1 Burst Strike on the enemy with skill. Dyrroth can deal physical damage and cause him to feel a slow effect. Dyrroth also has Skill 2 that runs after the enemy and when this skill is used again Dirroth gives Fatal Strike which deals physical damage and reduces the target’s physical defense. In addition, Dyrroth has the ultimate Abysm Strike skill, which can alter and trigger a fatal blow that deals high physical damage to the enemy hit and has a slow effect. This skill is Dyrroth’s main ability to deal damage.

Build Dyrroth

item hero dyrroth ml

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