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10 Base TH 5 COC Strongest Anti Giant

Game Clash Of Clans (COC) is one of the best strategy games. COC is a game that is getting very good reviews and ratings. COC games are games that you can play online in real time. And a lot of players in the form of children and young people playing.
In this game you must be able to improve your village / base life wisely and well. Also, you need to be as fast as you can in building a village, and a good economy will keep your clan and military might stronger and stronger.
This game requires you to upgrade the buildings in your base, especially the TH buildings that are at the core of this game. Later in this article we will provide some examples of Anti-Giant-TH 5 COC bases. In base TH 5 COC anti Giant this helps you to increase the strength of your COC base. Check out the strongest Anti Giant TH 5 COC Base:

Let’s see Base TH 5 COC Anti Giant

Base 1

If you look at this base, it has a strong wall of defense. So when there are huge enemy troops it will be difficult to attack your base. In addition, there are also different types of defense buildings that Giants can easily defeat.

Base 2

Based on TH5 COC

At this base it is similar to Base 1, but on this base you can also defeat Giant attacks. This base can also overcome various attacks from the air. You can see this in the existence of anti-air raid buildings scattered at different angles.

Base 3

If you look at this base it looks like it can be easily destroyed with Giant. But make no mistake, this base has strong defense with defensive walls, defensive buildings and various traps are scattered around this base.

Base 4

Even if this base has a unique shape and looks like it would be easily destroyed by the enemy attack. Don’t get me wrong as this base is aimed at protecting your TH5 from enemy attack. In addition, this base will also attack opponents, especially Giants, with all their might.

Base 5

Based on TH5 COC

If you look at this base, you will find that this base is focused on overcoming attacks on the back. You will find that the wall’s defenses have been reinforced to withstand strong attacks from giants. In addition, the front of the base was reinforced with many defensive buildings and traps.

Base 6

Based on TH5 COC

The shape of this base looks a little messy. But don’t get me wrong, being shaped like this will disperse the giant troops from your opponent and you can destroy. In addition, there are also defense buildings and traps that make it difficult for your opponent’s troops.

Base 7

Based on TH5 COC

You can see if this base is aimed at protecting Giant attacks from your opponents. TH 5 of this base is in the middle of the base and around it there are many defense buildings and traps to attack your opponents.

Base 8

If you see that this base is similar to base 7, it has a difference in that base that is deeper and smaller. This maximizes the defense process of this base as the monitored area is smaller. This base is suitable for those of you who are still lacking resources for your base, especially when it comes to defense buildings.

Base 9

The base-in takes the form of a sector that aims to create a strong layer of defense that is difficult for opponents to penetrate. In addition, there are also different forms of defense buildings and traps in each layer. This will get the opposing forces, especially the Giants, in trouble.

Base 10

Based on TH5 COC

When you see that this base is in the shape of a maze that will make it difficult for your opponent to get into your base. In addition to this, there are also different types of traps scattered across the maze and there are also defense buildings.

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These are some examples of basic TH 5 COC anti Giant. Are Vexa friends interested in using one of these bases? Or have you used the base before? Until next time.

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